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Is Your First Aid Box Brimming and Healing?



5 benefits of having a first aid kit in your home

We often get wounded by falling, vehicle accidents, or minor bumps and thrusts. Injuries in the form of knee cuts, elbow burns, finger bleeding, and body sores are commonly experienced in day-to-day life.

At times, when we are injured, we are either alone or incompetent to handle the injury, the doctor is located away, medical help is distant, or our wounds are so serious that we aren’t conscious enough to call for any help. In such scenarios, we need help in the form of the First Aid Box.

A first aid box is the best friend of any wounded person, being the closest and the most willing to help at the worst of moments. A first aid box isn’t all about a few bandages and cotton; there is much more to that. You must be well-versed with the contents of a first aid box so that you can help yourself in any adverse conditions when you are wounded.

Contents of a First Aid Box:

1. Band-aids are the most essential components of a first aid box. You just can’t do without this basic wound dressing that you need to heal and cover up your minor wounds. Band-aids are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Opt for medicated band-aids as they help you heal the wound faster. Band-aids are important as open wounds spread the infection to the surrounding areas. Moreover, they look unsightly.

2. Gauze is necessary as it is highly effective in covering larger wounds that spread across larger areas on the body. You must be skilled in dressing yourself in gauze, the ends of which must be sealed with an adhesive tape.

3. A bottle or two of antiseptic liquids or alcohol must be stored within a first aid box. These are highly effective in cleansing the wound. It is essential to clean a wound before you can treat it further.

4. Always keep a pair of sharp scissors in your first aid box so that you can quickly cut the gauze and other materials as per your requirements and dress.

5. It is good to wear latex gloves while dressing the wound, especially when you are dressing a stranger as you may not know what health problems he could be harboring. To avoid contracting diseases like HIV, tuberculosis, or other communicable diseases, latex gloves must be worn as they render the best protection against the entry of infectious microbes.

6. Analgesics offer quick pain relief, hence must be stored in a first aid kit. You may also store voltarol gel, a pain-relieving gel that helps fight inflammation.

7. We often get bruised after falling, knocking, or from other injuries. If you want to treat these bruises immediately and not let it develop into blood clots that appear as hardened, purplish skin, then you may use Arnica cream.

8. In case of heavy bleeding, which needs to be stopped immediately, use Witch Hazel. It has mild astringent properties. It provides relief from cuts, sprains, and bruises as it acts as a wound cleanser.

When you have a fully equipped first aid box with you, you won’t feel helpless anymore in case of sudden injuries and no signs of help nearby. A first aid box helps you heal yourself.