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The Best Way to Shave Off a Beard



Why the use of a shaving brush is important?

Bearded men have it all figured out. A beard offers protection from the cold, a beard commands respect from both men and beasts, and a beard even lets us hide a weak jawline.

But for all the good a full beard does for a man, once in a while it has to come off. There’s simply nothing like shaving off a bushy beard and feeling a beautiful breeze for the first time in months or even years.

So if you’ve been thinking about finally shedding your facial locks and starting again from scratch, there are some things you should know. First of all, don’t try to save money by shaving with disposable blades. Remember, a beard commands respect, even from you.

Instead, take your personal grooming seriously and use the tips below to shave off your beard in the manliest way possible.

Piece by Piece

Why not have some fun with your facial fluff while you’ve got it? Resist the urge to clip it all at once—try mimicking the style of your favorite president or Civil War-era colonel. Spend a day with muttonchops or a mustache that twists up toward your eyebrows.

There are lots of miscellaneous shaving supplies that help you accomplish this feat relatively easily. From brushes to lotions to blades designed specifically for masculine facial hair styling, there is no shortage of tools at your disposal.

Protect Your Punum

 Applying copious amounts of lotion doesn’t sound like a very masculine thing to do, but it could very well help your skin fight the unavoidable burns and irritation you’ll get from shaving for the first time in a long time.

Search for colognes that help keep away red bumps and scratches—after all, you’re not shaving your beard so you can look like a teenager again. Keep your manly vibe by moisturizing your neck and face to prevent pubescent redness from showing up.

Tools of the Shave

But all of this isn’t even worth doing without the right straight razor or shaving cream. If you take your masculinity seriously, put in the effort and the money to get yourself a razor that will last for years and years. Even customize it to match your personality.

If you’re going to shave off a beard, you’re bound to feel a little less manly afterward. But not if you can say that you shaved it off with a handmade, etched, bone-handled straight razor.