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Fighting My Ageing Skin With Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant



If you’ve ever been shocked to the core by your own reflection, there is help at hand with Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant. Several years ago my daughter and I were shopping together in a mall. I happened to get a glimpse of my daughter and myself in a mirror. For a moment, I was confused because I immediately identified my daughter’s reflection as my own. Then I realized that was all wrong. The person I’d become was the strange-looking old woman besides my daughter.

Examining the crisis

I stopped in my tracks and then started toward the mirror. Words like ‘mature’ and ‘aging’ started coming to mind as my ego crashed. Sure, I’d been checking my hair and such in my home mirrors, but now, this high-quality mirror and all these fluorescents told a story I had somehow been avoiding. I had aged significantly. I didn’t have wrinkles, but my face was puffy. Worse than that, the texture of my skin was just horrid. There was no luminosity, nor was my inner beauty shine through as it should with normal aging. I looked sort of dull and dead somehow, or at least not lively.

Facing Reality

I suppose every woman must at some point have a shocking moment of age realization. For me it was stunning. I’d been very busy, and distracted for a while and suddenly I was confronted with the fact I’d gotten old, or at least that’s what I thought had happened. As I studied the problem though, I discovered that I just had old looking skin texture on the surface. Soon after that, I discovered Dermalogica. Though I tried many products, and all of them were wonderful, Daily Microfoliant seemed to be the key to solving my dull skin problem. Daily Microfoliant helped me feel like I was fighting back, and I don’t plan to the person in the reflection for at least another 20 years. At 50 I am hardly ready to become geriatric.

I Always Hated Exfoliating

Like many women with sensitive and allergic skin, I hate exfoliating. It can really hurt and it always makes my face red and blotchy. It seemed that my skin integrity was compromised and weakened by nearly every exfoliant I ever tried. I’d start getting breakouts and clogged pores after exfoliating as well. I stopped exfoliating completely in the early 1980s after trying a lot of products that hurt my skin. Only very recently have I discovered an exfoliant that doesn’t hurt, doesn’t scratch up my face, and doesn’t make me break out. That exfoliant is Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant.

Some problems with other Exfoliants:

• Most Exfoliants work by treating dead and living skin cells equally
• Everything gets scrubbed very hard with something akin to liquid sandpaper
• Most exfoliation hurts and damages even if you apply it gently
• There are harsh chemicals in most department store type scrubs
• Chemical Peels are even harsher and can cause skin damage
• Damage to overall skin integrity leaves the face susceptible to rashes, infection, and acne
• Scrub damaged skin looks old too, especially if it becomes dried out

Daily Microfoliant is Different, it goes on soft, cool, and soothing. It contains rice bran, colloidal oatmeal, and green tea, so it feels great on the skin. It works to gently remove dead skin and debris without scraping delicate new skin tissues. Micro-exfoliating doesn’t hurt, it doesn’t damage the skin and it is gentle enough to use every day or every other day. It removes only the dead skin cells and leaves the live ones comforted, healthy, and unscathed. It doesn’t cause redness or irritation and in fact, soothes irritations that may already be there. I’ve used it on sunburned skin before and it actually helped.

If you are fighting what you see in the mirror, then you should try the Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant. It will wipe away the dead skin that hides your youthful luminosity and make your skin feel clean and fresh, not scraped and sore. It will heal and comfort your skin and not sensitize it.