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Opening Our Minds To Guardian Angels



What are the guardian angels?

Guardian angels can be traced back to the beginning of time and are assigned to a person on earth to watch over and protect. There may be just one guardian angel per person or several but they will guide and help you make the right decisions when you are having a hard time. Sometimes they can even intervene in life-threatening situations for example and if it isn’t your time to go, make sure you are safe and away from danger. Many people have reported car crashes and serious accidents being prevented by an unknown force that has physically prevented it from happening.

How can you connect with your angel?

Guardian angels are all happy to talk to us but with the busy lives we lead, most of us don’t bother or don’t have enough faith to take that step. It is suggested that the best way to connect with your angel is by meditation. This needs to be done in a quiet place and you need to clear your mind, allow yourself to relax, and just do nothing.

Don’t allow yourself to think and fill your mind, just do nothing. Your angel will then know you are ready to speak to them and will try and communicate. Many experts warn that nothing may happen at first but not to be discouraged as you will notice signs eventually such as images appearing, flashes of light and possibly tingling sensations as your angel makes its presence known. You have now connected with them, they now know you are aware and this is where your relationship with them can begin.

How do they communicate and share with us?

Although guardian angels will communicate with you when you connect with them or ask them a question, they will also get in touch at unexpected moments. They will only do this, however, when you have made the initial connection with them. You may be reading, talking to a friend on the telephone, watching the television, and suddenly feel your angel. You may even see a white light or a flash while feeling a tingle. You may also be heavily influenced to make a different decision in your day-to-day life.

For example, you may experience an urge to turn off to a different road when driving to later find out that if you had carried on your planned route you would have got to an accident or traffic jam. Remember that they are always with you watching and helping you along your path in life.

How can you contact them?

If you do want to make that move, they will be there waiting to hear from you. Angels will also answer your questions, help you and guide you but if you want clear communication you have to be clear with them. Firstly you need to connect with them so they know you are aware of them. To get an answer to the direct questions you need to ask your angel out loud and make it clear what you want them to answer. Don’t beat around the bush, don’t ask the question in your head, and don’t make things too complicated for them. If you do all this, they will get back to you with an answer, whether you choose to take this answer on board is your decision.