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10 Caring Tips For Your Strained Eyes



The eyes are not just one of the most beautiful facets to your face but also one of the most important of all the six senses. This pair of wonders has an unmatched role to play in a normal and healthy life of an individual; helps to make you independent and self-reliant.

Likewise, the eyes are also one of the worst-hit organs of our body – being subjected to overuse and excessive strains with almost every activity related to work and leisure. Whether you are working in front of the computer or playing a game on it and watching your favorite show on TV – all of these lead to further strain on your eyes and thus weakening of its power of vision.

Eye Problems

There are a number of ways in which you can care for your eyes. The fast pace of modern lifestyle along with its demands at workplaces and personal lives has made it imperative that we strain our eyes. Waking long hours and experiencing disturbed sleep caused by stress and tensions can equally stress out your eyes.

Like all other parts of your body, the eyes rejuvenate themselves whilst you are asleep. Long hours of exposure to the light of television and computer screens considerably harm your eyes. Rubbing your eyes carelessly and not maintaining enough hygiene standards with your hands in the process can further increase the chances of infection.

Here are some of the occasional problems you are likely to face in such cases.

  • Redness in the white regions of your eyes
  • The swollen look of the eyes
  • Tired and painful eyelids
  • Infections leading to itching and swelling
  • Pain
  • Watering of the eyes

These may appear simple at first but can be dangerous if they are not shown to a doctor and given proper medications. However with a little care on a daily basis, you could give your eyes that much-needed relief after long hours of service.

Eye Care

There are simple to follow eye care regimes that can give you amazing results.

  • It may seem like a beauty tip but using rose water for your eyes is like a therapy and completely natural. Dip cotton wool pads into this water to which you can also add a few drops of castor oil if you wish. Place them on your eyelids when you g to sleep. They refresh and rejuvenate the eyes gently leaving you with better sight and eyes in the morning.
  • Rosewater can also be replaced with light tea water in which cotton wool is dipped and then placed over your eyes.
  • If you working in front of the computer you need to splash cold water over your eyes once every hour. This can also be done at a gap of half an hour which will be further helpful.
  • Give yourself a minimum of 8 hours of sleep each night; this also means a rest of the same duration for your eyes which is vital.
  • Always use an anti-glare screen over your computer or television screen if possible. Users can also avail zero powered spectacles for this purpose.
  • Palming your eyes will help it release some of the excessive stress caused by long hours of work. This is a simple exercise where you cup your eyes and the region of the face in the palms of your hand lightly. Even in the middle of a hectic day, this can be the quickest means of healing tired eyes.
  • Always consult an eye doctor and go for regular eye checks.

There are times when a longer duration of negligence may worsen the condition of your eyes. Going to an eye doctor will also inform you time whether or not you require prescription glasses. If you happen to genuinely need them and not wearing them because you are unaware of your condition it will only place an added load of strain on your eyes. This may not be conducive to good vision in the long run.