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Reasons To Take A DNA Test



Technology has become so advanced that it influences every single aspect of our lives. Because new technologies are readily available at affordable prices, it makes sense to benefit from it as much as possible. DNA testing is one example of this remarkable technology; however, many people are not aware of the reasons to utilize such testing. Here are a few reasons to make an appointment to take a DNA test.

Paternity DNA Testing

Although bad daytime television might come to mind as soon as paternity testing is mentioned, there are several other reasons paternity tests might be administered to men. It is common for children separated from their birth fathers at an early age to want concrete proof that a man is truly their biological father. Hospital mix-ups, adoption, or other rare occurrences are all reasons that a man might take a paternity test.

DNA diagnostics

DNA diagnostic testing is used in the medical sector. Doctors can test an individual’s DNA to rule out certain diseases or to figure out if an individual is a carrier of a certain chromosomal mutation. This technology is extremely useful in diagnosing diseases that are otherwise difficult to determine. Couples that are planning on having a baby have the option to go through genetic screening to establish the chances of having a child with certain hereditary diseases. Technology has come so far that it is possible to determine from a DNA diagnostics screening the chances of an individual developing certain illnesses such as diabetes, cancer, or heart disease. Knowing the chances, it is possible for an individual to work with their physician to take preventative measures.

Prenatal Testing

Parents can opt for their fetus to go through DNA testing. Although this ignites a huge controversy, there are several reasons that parents would decide to undergo this process. Some parents will choose to abort the fetus if the test results show that the child will develop a disease of one kind of another. Still, others use the results of this test to prepare for how they are going to raise a child with a developmental problem. Others go through prenatal testing for peace of mind to know that their child is developing properly.

Forensic Testing

As seen in television crime shows, forensic DNA testing is a legitimate way to eliminate or confirm an individual as a suspect. In the event of a horrible murder, the spouses are often prompted to complete DNA testing to remove them as a person of interest. Forensic testing has become so advanced that is it possible to be accurate with up to 350 million to one odds.