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Some of The Most Common Birth Injury Types That You Can Claim A Compensation For



Some of the most common birth injury types that you can claim a compensation for

There are many kinds of birth injuries. While some of them might be temporary, others may even last for a lifetime. The symptoms generally vary depending on different infants. Sometimes, it is possible that the children themselves don’t have any idea about their injury and are aware only when they start their schooling. The severity of signs and symptoms can vary depending on each of the child’s circumstances and the kind of birth injury. Below is a list of some of the major types of birth injures you should know about.

Physical injuries

Muscle-related or physical injuries are easy to diagnose since just a clinical evaluation can make you know where the paralysis or limited movement comes from. Some of the muscle related injuries might even be related to blatant medical malpractice like bruises, broken bones, or lacerations. Some of the most common injuries falling in this category include Erb’s Palsy, Brachial Plexus, Shoulder Dystocia, and Klumpke’s Palsy.

Injuries from the Delivery

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Birth injuries arising during delivery is common occurrence. These kinds of injuries may occur from use of the forceps or vacuum extractor that are tools discovered to aid the delivery. Some of the other injuries from delivery might include mishandling infant, administering wrong medication, lacerations, skull fractures, and so forth. An infant may even experience injures related to high blood pressure, stress, or hypertension.

Well, if your kid was too injured at birth, then you definitely have the right to get compensation for these injuries that your child sustained. While it is true that deciding to hire a reliable lawyer might not be an easy decision, the following reasons will make you realize why hiring a qualified and reliable birth injury lawyer like Stewart Cohen can be your best decision.

Brain related injuries

Brain injures might often develop as a result of oxygen deprivation. When the brain gets deprived from sufficient levels of oxygen, it may react in different ways. For instance, brain ischemia may occur in case of oxygen deprivation and brain generally reacts by draining blood from brain. Brain hemorrhage can happen when brain reacts to the excessive blood flowing in the brain.

Medical negligence leads to birth trauma

The very first reason why you must hire a birth injury lawyer is that if your child’s birth injury or trauma was a result of medical negligence. You require a lawyer who can focus on the area of law related to the birth trauma. They understand and have complete knowledge of general medicines along with different kinds of circumstances that can lead to the injury.

Pursuing compensation

Another reason is that you can pursue the damages for the injuries of your child. You might be facing lifetime of treatment and care depending on extent of injury. A birth injury claim can help you recover those damages.

So finally, you have the legal rights that can only be protected through a birth injury claim. While you may not change outcome of the situation of your child, you will still be able to fight for the fair thing.

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