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Top Tips On Finding Happiness



In our busy lives, we often forget why we’re rushing about and working so hard. Remember when life used to be a whole lot simpler and being happy came as naturally as waking up and throwing back the curtains?

I’ve just had my sister’s children over for the weekend and watching them smile, shout and laugh together, most of the time, really gave me an insight into the lost art of happiness. I simply found myself watching them in awe as they ran about and made the most of my life without a care in the world.

‘They’re just being happy’ my wife said as I told her in amazement how lucky they were to be kids without all the hassles of work and bills and financial problems. And then I realized that she was right, they’re not just being happy because they’re kids, they’re just being happy because they’re alive.

With this in mind, I’ve woken up to the fact that we all have the chance to just be happy and it’s up to us to grasp the opportunity with both hands no matter how old we are. So, below, are my top five tips on how to get happy and if you haven’t noticed that spring is almost on its way then throw those curtains wide and embrace your day with all the luster of a three-year-old.


Kids play, that’s what they do but when did we adults stop doing the same? We all complain that there aren’t enough hours in the day so why don’t we make a few more or utilize the ones that we have for a more fun approach to life? Playing sports, going for a run, or just playing a board game are all great ways to embrace your inner-child and as soon as you get those endorphins flowing and lose yourself in the moment then you’ll be happy and smiling before you know it.

Enjoy nature

Spring is almost upon us and from those lighter mornings to warmer temperatures, this is the time that we should be making the most of our natural world in order to increase our levels of happiness. Country walks, trips to the seaside, and walking to work are all great ways to make the most of our natural environment. And, if you get an hour off for lunch, why not go for a stroll or make the most of local green spaces because nature’s all around us purely to make us happy.

Random acts of kindness

Kids can be mean but they can also be really kind too and sharing, cuddling, and tickling are all part of how they communicate with each other and with adults. Follow their lead and do something that puts a smile onto someone else’s face just because you can.

Helping out a homeless person by buying them some food, asking a stranger if they’re ok if they look a little distressed, or simply smiling at a neighbor in a car if you’re both stuck in a jam are great ways to make yourself and other people catch the happiness bug.

Go on holiday

Getting away from it all can often be what we look forward to all year and from planning and researching to packing and traveling, there’s often no better means of getting happy than a holiday. If you’re feeling a little low and you want a pick me up then why not write down everywhere you’d like to go and see if you can tick off a place on your list every year.

From grand American adventures to cultural forays in the cities of Europe, whatever you want to do, make sure you do it because life’s too short to wonder what if.

Hang out with friends and family

There’s nothing that puts a smile on a kid’s face quicker than finding out that they’re going on a play date or to stay with granny and grandpa. These days there are literally no excuses for staying in touch with old school friends and distant relatives.

From social media to Skype calls, getting in contact with someone you haven’t spoken to for a while can really make both of you feel special. If you really want to go old school then why not write a letter because there’s no easier way to make someone smile than telling them that they’re worth writing to.