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Dating Know-how: 5 Things To Avoid On A First Date



You are about to meet someone on a first date, and you are very nervous because you don’t know what to do. You are not alone, most people are nervous on their first dates too. Below are some tips to help you best prepare for your first date and avoid stupid mistakes that will cost you your beautiful woman.

*Arriving Late on Your First Date

If someone is to be late, it should be the woman, not you. It is important that you arrive on time or early on your first date because women often see men coming late as not being serious about the relationship. If for any reason you cannot arrive on time, call your date and explain the situation in advance. There is nothing worse than arriving late and not even making the effort to inform your date that you would be late.

* Talk Too Much About Yourself

It is natural for two people to want to know as much as possible about each other. However, it is not natural at all to talk about yourself 90 percent of the conversation. You will appear cocky a self-centered to your date. It is best to let her explore you gradually. Anyway, if the first date is good, she and you will still have plenty of time to find out more about each other, so why rush?

* Not Paying Her Enough Attention

This is one of the serious mistakes a man can make to screw up his first date. Women love to be cared for and loved. If you do not show enough interest in her on the very first date, expect that she will not return your calls the next day. One way of showing her that you are interested in her is to try to remember everything about her. There is nothing worse than keep forgetting things she told you and excusing yourself for your bad memory.

* Ask Her Permission For Everything

Asking her permission now and then could be perceived as being polite, however, keep asking her permission over tiny things could make you appear unattractive to her. You need to take the lead sometimes and show her your manhood.

* Shower Her With Too Many Compliments

It is good to compliment her now and then, however, keep complimenting her on everything she says will not lead you anywhere. Your intentions may be good, however, the woman may think that you are not sincere or desperate.

If you want to have a perfect first date, try to avoid the above mistakes and you should be fine. Remember to be yourself and be confident. Women like confident men who are gentle to them. If you really hit it off with the other woman on your first date, chances are you can develop a beautiful relationship with her in the long term. If you sense a character incompatibility on the first date, chances are she is not the one.