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Home exercising equipment has gained a lot of importance in the recent past. People are increasingly becoming health conscious, and hectic lifestyles ensure a shortage of time for explicit exercising routines. What one looks for in-home exercising equipment is not tough to decipher.

The basic requirements include workload handling capability, portability, cost-effectiveness, and above all effective exercising. The simplicity of operation for home exercising equipment is also an important factor. Treadmills have long been the companion, for office going, busy professionals, who fail to find time to exercise, as they provide a quick and effective workout, in the comfort of their homes.

The options in the market are growing, and ‘BOWFLEX’, a reputed name in the home exercising equipment industry provides powerful yet reasonably priced options, and at the top sits, this treadmill.

Treadmills have come a long way in terms of technology, from the older manual versions to highly sophisticated ones that offer high levels of customization. This series 7 treadmill is an option that has proved to be a popular choice for consumers. The performance and the highly customizable structure make the equipment a logical choice, and the cost-effectiveness is an added bonus.

The treadmill is completely portable and can be fitted into a small space or a compartment with the utmost ease. The real advantages come in with the performance measures, as it includes a number of technicalities which enable the user to train effectively.

These measures include electronic incline, calorie burn count, digital interface, and other performance measures. The treadmill has high-quality material used, which makes the longevity surprisingly high and workload handling exceptional. The motor of the unit is very powerful and throws weight issues right out of the window.

The treadmill is very spacious and sturdy and makes for a safe and effective workout. It boasts of 15 inbuilt workout programs, which make the workout more fun and enjoyable experience. It offers great running speeds to suit all kinds of athletes and works well even under such extreme pressure.

The upper weight limit is set to 298 pounds, which puts it right at the top in its segment when it comes to loading handling limits.
The Bowflex Series 7 treadmill has been rated well in reviews by experts time and again, and has asserted its authority, by notching up serious sale numbers, which makes it a force to reckon with, in the market and outside it too.