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Channeling Your Inner Buddha: 5 Benefits of Meditation



When you’re feeling ill, do you take medication? Whether it’s over-the-counter cold reliever or prescription medication, chances are that you turn to a liquid or pill when you’re sick. Have you ever considered a more natural form of therapy? While meditation may not cure what ails you, it can reduce your stress and calm your mind, two things that are essential for effective healing processes within the body. Here are five benefits of meditation to consider:


When you meditate, you breathe deeply and regularly, hold the same, comfortable pose for several minutes or more, and empty your mind of the day’s stresses. Though meditation does take practice, the sense of calmness that you will feel is immediate. It’s difficult to remain agitated when you quiet yourself and concentrate on your breathing.

2.Heart Rate

The act of breathing deeply and regularly has an effect on your heart. When you breathe in this manner, your heart rate slows almost immediately. When you practice meditation on a daily basis, your heart rate can slow more permanently. A slower heart rate leads to lower blood pressure which, in turn, leads to a healthier body. If you don’t believe that this is the case, try it for yourself. Take your pulse, meditate for two to five minutes, and then take your pulse again. If you’ve made a true effort to slow down your breathing and concentrate on nothing, you’ll find that your pulse has slowed.


When you begin a regular routine of meditating, you’ll soon find that your concentration improves. This can be especially useful for people who are in their 40’s and above. As we age, our ability to concentrate lessens, as does our ability to learn new information and recall memories. The act of slowing your mind and refocusing your emotions will, over time, enhance your concentration and make you better able to make decisions.

4.Stress Relief

Most people know that meditation can help to reduce stress. What many people don’t know is that meditation can actually make you impervious to stress. We all have people in our lives that seem to be unfazed by life’s events; taking everything in stride. If you want to be more like these people, try meditation. While you won’t cure yourself of anxiety issues, you will find that the minor things that used to bother you aren’t as big a deal.

5.Pain Relief

While there is no argument that pain is physical truth, much of the pain that we feel can be controlled by our state of mind. Through regular meditation, we can better handle physical pain. In fact, meditation is often prescribed as a therapy for persons suffering from fibromyalgia, angina, and even PMS. If you have a chronic condition that causes discomfort, try your hand at some form of meditation; you may be surprised at the relief that you feel.

When you try to meditate for the first time, don’t be discouraged. Meditation is something that takes practice. The good news is that the more you meditate, the better at it that you will become. As you begin to meditate regularly, you’ll begin to reap the benefits of this ancient practice.