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Foods You Should Avoid Before Going to the Gym



A good workout doesn’t start at the gym. It starts in the kitchen.

What you eat before exercising plays a significant role in the quality of your workout. Eat the wrong things and you’ll feel sluggish and out of shape. The key is to know what NOT to eat.

Here are the top five foods that you should avoid eating before going to the gym.

1. High Fiber Foods

High fiber foods like fruits and vegetables sound like a healthy option. However, high-fiber foods can cause stomach cramps if you consume too many before a workout. You’ll want to especially lay off the lettuce, broccoli, and cauliflower.

2. Protein Supplements

Protein bars and shakes are very popular exercise foods. The key is to eat them after a workout, not before exercising. Protein helps to build muscle and assists with the recovery process. However, it does not provide the nutrients necessary to fuel a high-impact workout.

3. Fast Food

Fast food can really weigh you down before a workout at the gym. Whether it’s French fries or hamburgers, avoid the drive-thru at all costs before hitting the gym. You’ll have less energy and you could suffer indigestion because of the grease.

4. Soft Drinks

Soft drinks are not good for your period. Drinking them prior to a workout could cause an upset stomach. Soda and carbonated energy drinks should be avoided. If you’re looking for a caffeine source, try drinking a cup of unsweetened tea or coffee.

5. Spicy Foods

Stay away from foods that use a lot of spices and exotic peppers. You could end up spending more time in the bathroom than the workout room at your gym. Save the spicy foods for a post-workout meal. It will help to prevent stomach issues at the gym.

So What Should You Eat Before Exercising?

Now that you know what you shouldn’t eat. Here’s what you should be eating before you exercise… carbohydrates that are low in fiber. This can include bread, muffins, bagels, pasta, energy gels, and water.