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Why Contact Lenses Offer More Choice



Weak eyesight can be a nuisance and a hassle. Straining your eyes to read the menu, missing the street you were meant to take because you couldn’t read the sign, or not being able to read who is calling on your mobile phone. All these things could be embarrassing and sometimes dangerous and life-threatening.

I remember when I was 13 years old, my mother begged me to start wearing contact lenses because my eyes were too pretty to hide behind glasses. I resisted for a while but then decided to give contact lenses a chance. I had a little bit of trouble getting used to messing around with my eyes but quickly got the hang on it. I’ve now been wearing contact lenses for longer than I’d like to admit!

The reason I’ve always liked contact lenses is that wearing them offers me versatile and flexible options. It allows me to wear my eyeglasses when I want to, or wear my contact lenses if I feel like it. I still enjoy going shopping for a trendy pair of eyeglasses when I want, or pop in my lenses and play with my eye makeup on a night out. It’s the flexibility of being serious and smart looking, or playful and carefree.

Contact lenses can be daily, wear them once and toss them, or monthly. Some can even last a year. You can usually tell you need to change your contact lenses when they become a bit irritable to wear, and you can’t wear them for as long as you used to be able to.

Not to mention, with contact lenses, you can change your eye color altogether. You can choose a pair of contact lenses from a range of colors like blue, green, grey, hazel, brown, or black. I was very tempted to get green colored lenses when I was younger, but my mother talked me out of it. It’s never too late though!

Contact lenses don’t affect your eyes if you handle with care and keep them clean. Soft contact lenses are more comfortable, but sometimes doctors prescribe hard contact lenses for people with severely damaged eyesight. Although some soft contact lenses are breathable, your eye doctor will probably advise you to take your contact lenses out every evening and give your eyes a rest. Always keep them clean, in a case filled in saline solution.

Men sometimes find it hard to get used to touching their eyes, as women are a bit more used to it because of makeup usage. It takes a few tries to get used to popping contact lenses in and out of your eyes. It’s a good idea to opt for blue-tinted contact lenses so if they fall on the floor or in the sink, you can spot them easier.

There are plenty of positives to trying out a pair of contact lenses if you’re sick of being stuck behind a pair of glass frames. Buy a disposable pair and give them a try before investing in a long-term pair. You might never look back like I did.