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Bodyweight and Free-Weight Workout



I was in the gym the other day working out with my partner and I bumped into an old friend.

I was speaking to him and we were swapping workout routines. Like everything in life different methods work better for different people, so while I had his attention I thought it would be the perfect chance to ask him on the spot, what workout could he tell me about in less than one minute.

Now, this workout isn’t for the lighthearted! In fact, would recommend it specifically more for advanced gym-goers, but if you decrease the amount reps you do, you can tailor it towards your own fitness level, but remember don’t make it too easy for yourself!

The workout

Start with 10 minutes on the rowing machine. We’re going to some interval training here, (great for burning fat – PERIOD!) Start off at a steady pace, and continue this for 30 seconds, after 30 seconds increase the pace so that you’re going about 80-90 % of your maximum. Keep doing this for the full 10 minutes.

Beginner alternative
Instead of 30 seconds slow 30 seconds fast, try doing 1 minute slow 30 seconds fast. Continue this for the whole 10 minutes.


Each exercise will be performed for a total of 50 reps. For a beginner workout program, I would say 20-30 reps. Once you have completed a set of 50 (or 20-30), move on to the next exercise straight away. No rest for the wicked! You will be doing 8 exercises in a circuit fashion.

The workout consists of only bodyweight exercises, but if you’re a real hardcore fitness freak like me you can span the workout over 2 days. For example, on Tuesday the routine will be only bodyweight exercises then your second day would be Thursday. Thursday’s routine would work the same body parts but this time you would use free weights.

You can choose what exercises you do in each workout. Below I have given you an example of the workout I would do.

Monday – Bodyweight Workout


Rowing machine – 10 minutes (30 seconds hard, 30 seconds slow, continued for the whole 10 minutes)

Press-ups x 50
Chin-ups x 50
Cross-crawls x 50
Squats x 50
Lunges x 50

Dips x 50

Box jumps x 50

Back extensions x 50

Treadmill- 5 minute cool down

Thursday – Free Weight Workout


Cross Trainer – 10 minutes (30 seconds hard, 30 seconds slow, continued for the whole 10 minutes)

Dumbbell Flies x 50

Bicep Curls x 50

Reverse Wood Chop x 50

Barbell Squats x 50

Barbell Lunges x 50

Tricep Extensions x 50

Shoulder Press x 50

Lateral Pull Downs x 50

Rowing Machine – 5 minute cool down

Now as you can see, it’s a pretty evil workout! Remember the workout I have outlined above is what I would do. If you are a beginner then I would recommend decreasing the reps, enough to make your body work hard, but obviously not too much so you don’t finish the workout!

The reason this workout is so effective for getting rid of fat is that it’s classed as a whole body workout, where you are working every muscle in the body, burning calories as you exercise.

Honestly, if you’re serious about losing weight, then I suggest you take out a pen and paper right now and write up your workout plan for the next 6 weeks. Remember planning your workout is just as important as actually doing the workout.