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Chin Up, Darling! Forehead Surgery To The Rescue



Eyebrows contribute to facial expression, but the first signs of aging often occur in the forehead, changing its contour and revealing the first wrinkles that sometimes are the result not of time, but caused by dry skin or excessive gesticulation. Whatever the reason, when wrinkles occur, forehead surgery is a convenient procedure for obtaining a more refreshed appearance.

Forehead Surgery & The Brow Lift

Forehead and brow lift are often performed in conjunction with diverse rejuvenating procedures, although some people simply want a cosmetic change in the line of eyebrows, only achieved by means of surgery when it comes to correcting a dropping trace. In certain inherent conditions, forehead surgery is performed disregarding the age of the patient.

However, forehead and brow lift surgeries are commonly performed in people who want to look youthful, improving furrows and horizontal lines distorting facial expression. Sagging or low position of the eyebrows can make believe that a person is sad, tired, or angry. Browse lift removes or alters muscles and tissues causing such expression, minimizing frown lines, and raising the eyebrows.

Who Are These Procedures For?

Although anyone can be a candidate for this procedure when lines or dropping occur, the procedure is more suitable for people whose ages range between 40 and 60 years, or those individuals who have deep horizontal creases across their forehead. Forehead/brow lift can dramatically improve the visible effects of aging.

A forehead lift, brow lift, blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), and facelift are often performed for best results when there is significant skin overhanging the upper eyelids which contribute to the tired appearance. Forehead lift alone is mostly recommended when the only change to facial features are furrows and frown lines between the eyebrows and/or across the top of the nose

What’s Involved?

Surgeons will discuss with patients the best method for each particular case, although in general terms the procedure is performed by means of an incision, which is hidden behind the hairline. However, forehead and brow lift can be performed using endoscopy techniques to reduce incisions, especially in bald people or those individuals with a receding hairline.

Even when a forehead/brow lift improves the appearance by smoothing the forehead skin, the duration of the results depends on lifestyle and heredity factors, because this procedure does not stop the natural aging process, although this surgery can be performed again after the passing of time without any complication, except the common risk of surgeries.

What About Risks?

Forehead lift causes no complications or side effects, except for very few rare cases, in which case bleeding and infection are the common risks. There is also a potential risk of damaging the nerves that control eyebrow movement, but if the procedure is performed by a qualified plastic surgeon it is not probable that will occur.

When eyebrow nerves are injured, the individual may lose his/her ability to wrinkle the forehead or raise the eyebrows, although this problem can be corrected with another surgery. For a few days after surgery, loss of sensations is common along the forehead and the incision area, where hair loss may also occur as a temporary condition.