What Is Vaser Technology?


In recent times, the term “Vaser” has been brought up in some circles considering plastic surgery. It is a fairly new technology, and not many know off hand what it is or what exactly it does. Some even assume it is a misspelling of laser. Vaser is here to stay, though, and it can do wonders in the realm of cosmetic surgery.

What is it?

Vaser is a trade name for an ultrasound assisted liposuction system that uses sounds waves to liquefy fatty tissue in particular parts, before extracting these from the body. By liquefying these fatty cells, surgeons can remove fat with considerable less tearing and bruising, which leads to both better results and less pain for patients.

The word Vaser itself stands for Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance. Research began in the 1990s when surgeons and physicians were looking for an alternative to standard liposuction, because it could cause pain for patients and was not always effective. The goal for the researchers was to find a way to remove fatty tissue with the least amount of damage possible. It was approved by the FDA in 2002, and it is widely used by plastic surgeons in the United States and abroad.

Advantages to Suction Based Liposuction


Since its implementation into many hospitals and cosmetic clinics, there have been a number of advantages found by using Vaser. First of all, through different studies, there is very little burning, swelling, contour irregularities or other pain during most procedures. This is a huge win for both patients and surgeons. Less pain means a better overall experience, and potential customers may now consider using a similar procedure.

Another huge perk is that Vaser can be performed without the use in anesthesia in most cases. This drastically reduces the amount of time patients need to recover from a procedure. It also can cut costs for surgeons over time.

Since it uses such small incisions, there is a lot less blood lost during a procedure. This also can cut down on recovery time and make patients more comfortable. Vaser also has specialized skin ports to prevent skin damage at insertion.

Small areas of the body that may need work, such as the neck, can be easily reached by Vaser. These areas were avoided in the past due to the fear of blood loss, but with Vaser surgeons can go virtually anywhere on the body. It is even able to differentiate between fat tissue and normal tissue, so no mistakes are made.

Vaser is a great tool for surgeons to use in plastic surgery. It is more effective that traditional methods, and causes less pain to patients. It also allows for less recovery time, so patients are able to go on with their lives and enjoy their new features. Look for Vaser to increase in popularity in the near future.


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