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Weird and Wonderful Alternatives to Cosmetic Surgery



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There are plenty of ways to alter your appearance without having to resort to surgery. Here are some holistic and alternative methods for a healthy mind and body.


The process of inserting fine needles into pressure points to achieve a healing effect has been used for hundreds of years. Many modern-day acupuncturists are trained in facial acupuncture, which uses delicate pins to increase the supply of blood to the face.

These sessions are designed to be cumulative, so you’ll see more of an improvement with each treatment. Benefits you can expect include an improvement in color and circulation, diminished fine lines, and a healthier, clearer complexion. I would not advise trying this at home.


Qigong is an ancient Chinese healing technique, named for qi (the body’s natural vital energy,) and gong (the process and skill of working with the qi). Trials have shown that subjects experience improvements in cardiovascular function, improvement of sex hormone levels, and increased blood flow to the brain.

It also resulted in enhanced activity of the anti-enzyme SOD, which is naturally produced but declines in activity with age.

Yoga facials

Yoga as an exercise tool for your body is a widely accepted concept, but how about yoga for your face?

Apparently facial exercises are one of the fastest-growing anti-aging trends in preventative and treatment methods. Benefits reportedly include increased blood flow and clearer, healthier skin with the ability to absorb more moisture. The procedure involves a process of what appears to involve massage and extensive gurning to rejuvenate the skin. Don’t knock it ‘til you’ve tried it.

Breast Slapping

So this is a thing. A Thai beautician swears by the effect generated by giving your front-most assets a good slapping; which is used as a technique for enlarging the breasts. This approach was approved in 2003 as a natural alternative to plastic surgery. It supposedly works by guiding fat from the areas around the breast towards it in order to plump it out. Six ten minute sessions of painful pinching and kneading can result in a two-inch growth in breast size.

Of course, a slightly less bonkers alternative to flying out to Thailand and letting someone slap you about a bit is using a breast firming serum to plump and tone your twins. Less expensive too.

Play With Your food

Have you ever tried rolling in chocolate? Maybe you should. For a spa experience at home, try a DIY body wrap. Melt 250g of dark chocolate into three tablespoons of olive oil. Slather on problem areas, wrap yourself in cling film, then don’t move. For fifteen minutes. Shower off vigorously and admire firmer, smoother skin.

Similarly, smearing egg white on any sore cracked skin serves as an excellent moisture treatment. Allow the mix to dry then rinse clean and pat dry.

If you have any recommendations for alternative beauty treatments that don’t involve some sort of invasive cosmetic procedure, let us know in the comment box below.