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How Counselling Is A Tool To Help Yourself Through Understanding



Counseling is a process that is designed to help you help yourself through understanding and learning. A good counselor will never judge or tell you what to do. Instead, they will ask questions, ask you to explain things and come to terms with how, and why you are acting or reacting the way to you. Counseling can take weeks, months, or can be an ongoing process for years but as long as it helps you to deal with what is happening and grow as a person it is something well worth continuing with. The aim of counseling is growth and understanding, a qualified good professional will know how to get you to this point.

People often use counseling for the following issues

  • Development issues
  • Resolving, addressing, and overcoming particular difficulties
  • Decision Making
  • Coping with crises
  • Dealing with complex and sometimes conflicting feelings
  • Improving relationships with others.
  • Past issues
  • Current relationship problems
  • Sudden Life Changes
  • Bereavement


Understanding is the key to counseling. It might take something as simple as looking at your situation from another angle or perspective to come to the realization of the solution. You may see through the eyes of others that whatever the cause of the problem is or was, was not actually as much of an issue as you first thought.

Everything you go through will be dependent on your own situation but a counselor will know how to get you to the point where you can deal with the situation or situations that are causing your current problem. They will never push you or lead you, they will help you discover your own path to your own solution that works for you.


Everything in a session is confidential and private. It should be seen as a free and open space to say what you want and discuss issues you want to talk about without fear of judgment. A good counselor will never judge, they will only listen and question.

Not everyone is the same, and therefore solutions to problems will never be the same even if they have similar root causes. Through counseling, you should come to understand the situation you are and the causes of it. It should also put you in a place that will allow you to make a positive change. Once people know how to deal with a situation and know they have a plan, self-confidence improves as well as optimism for the future.