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Are Women More Likely To Get A DUI?



Recent statistics released by the FBI and the CDC show that more women are being stopped and arrested for driving under the influence. When asked, most people answer that they believe that more men would be restrained. This is based on the belief that more males consume alcohol than females. Oddly, it is true that more men drink alcohol than women, but are stopped less often. The reasons for this may astonish you.

Processing Through the Liver

When alcohol enters the system, it is processed through the liver and distributed through the body. Women have smaller organs due to the different sizes of their body make up than men. The smaller organ does not process alcohol as quickly as a man’s, leaving them intoxicated for an extended period of time.

Contraceptives Have Adverse Effects

Contraceptives can impact how alcohol is processed in the body. Many females report that they need to drink more to attain a high when drinking while taking contraceptives. This is also the case with many diet pills or supplements.

Dieting Can Make Your System React Differently

When a woman is using a very restrictive diet, it may not take as much to become intoxicated. So, someone who is accustomed to having three drinks at a party may only need one because of the current state of their metabolism.

Fruity Drinks Are Easy To Consume

Women have a tendency to drink fruity cocktails. These concoctions are easy to ingest and do not have the taste of alcohol, making it seem as if it is safe to consume more. However, these drinks are loaded with rums and vodkas, creating the perfect way to become quickly intoxicated.

Driving Under The Influence

Even though ladies have many excuses for being more easily intoxicated than their counterparts, the facts about DUI remain the same. Whether you speak to DUI lawyers in Pennsylvania or driving instructors in New York they would all agree it is never safe to operate a vehicle when you have been drinking even a small amount. If you are going to consume intoxicants, make sure you have arranged a way to get home.

While drunk driving fatalities and accidents have declined over the last decade according to the Department of Highway Safety, they still occur at a rate of over 32,000 per year. In fact, 31 percent of all highway accidents are related to driving under the influence.

Additionally, the penalties for a DUI are very harsh, and you must realize that these penalties can impact your life. Many states impose an automatic loss of driving privileges, even if it is a first offense, fines that range from $500 – 2,000, mandatory jail time, and community service requirements. In some states, the Court can impose all of these punishments at once if they desire.

As a woman, you must take into account that your body size, your medications, and your choice of drinks will all have an impact on how you react to the alcohol and how quickly or severely you become intoxicated. If you chose to drink while you are away from your home, make arrangements to arrive home safely.