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Gadgets To Control Your Diabetic Diet



Keeping your diabetes under control means being very careful about what is included in your dietary intake, making the act of monitoring your diet the most important undertaking that you’ll face on a daily basis.

Luckily, despite the limitations that you face, this wide world of countless snacks and dishes won’t require you to sacrifice taste in the name of health; you’ll just need to utilize all of the resources at your disposal to be sure that you’ve got a handle on things at all times.

Eat well and eat tasty with these gadgets to control your diabetic diet:

1. Bayer’s Next Contour USB Monitor

Diabetes is a complicated disease, requiring you to keep track of a host of everyday happenings in the interest of maintaining a necessarily healthy diet. Where notepads and pencils were once a great boon, the modern era is delivering exciting diabetes-helping gadgets to the public, and Bayer’s Next Contour USB Monitor is one of the best!

This electronic glucose meter also serves to store information concerning diet and exercise, helping to give you a complete overview of your health at a glance and serving as a valuable tool for your doctor. The included lancet blood sugar testing equipment enables you to take readings on the fly, also allowing you to add in other information, such as carbohydrate and insulin intake, in order to keep track of your diabetes to the very last detail.

2. Tweet What You Eat

Keeping a close eye on your diet is crucial when you’re contending with diabetes and the Tweet What You Eat internet service offers a unique way to keep track of it all. Simply sign up for an account, log into your control panel, link your Twitter account and start adding your dietary intake statistics, giving yourself a log of everything that you eat, accessible from anywhere in the world.

If you’re not interested in telling the world every time you have a snack, you can easily combine Tweet What You Eat with a private, password-protected Twitter account in an order to save it for use only as your personal log.

3. Restaurant Nutrition App for iPhone

When diabetes is a factor, eating out can be a nightmare; how is one to know the exact nutritional content of a given menu item? Thankfully, the Restaurant Nutrition app for iPhone serves up information on more than 60,000 items from the menus of 250 restaurants, giving you the ability to give your meal a deep scientific scan before you even order it!