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A Speedy Recovery



It is hard for us to stay quiet and relax. We are a generation of fast movers and we live in a world that demands that we continuously speed up.  We often sit at our desks and daydream about long weekends that allow us to sleep late and stay in bed watching movies all day.

Yet, when we need to take the time to relax after surgery, all we want to do is get back to work. In order to achieve a speedy recovery, you need to follow these five tips:

Number One – Eat A Healthy Diet

The last thing that people want to do after an operation is to eat. Ensure that you limit your junk food intake and start eating five small meals a day. Including proteins, fruits, and vegetables in all meals will help your immune system to stay strong and in turn, help your body heal faster.

Number Two – Catch Those Zzz’s

Sleep is when your body can recover. Ensure that you listen to your body and get as much rest as possible. Remember that your body has just been through a ‘trauma’ and needs time to heal.

Number Three – Stay Hydrated

Remember to keep drinking water, it will ensure that your body remains fully functioning. When your body becomes dehydrated it places additional pressure on your lungs, kidneys, stomach, and heart to function. Being dehydrated will weaken your immune system and increase the length of your recovery period.

Number Four – Catch Up With Friends

Nothing is a better pain reliever than visiting with friends and family. It will break the depressing habit of staying in bed all day and allow you to hear about the world outside your bedroom. Ensure that you put a time limit on these visits and get plenty of rest afterward.

Number Five – Stay Clean

Showering every day is good for two reasons: One, it instantly makes you feel awake and improves your mood. Two, it helps keep the wounds clean and prevents any infections from forming.

Number Six – Limit Your Pain Killers

Pain medication is highly addictive and keeps you spaced out. Ensure that you limit your pain killers to the minimum bearable quantity. This will ensure that you keep tabs on what hurts and what doesn’t. Remember, once you know your limits, you can work within them to recover quicker.

In conclusion, your body needs you to rest. Ensure that you stay focussed on your recovery and expect to have good and bad days. Remember, what you do during your recovery period will have an influence on your long term health.