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You Are What You Eat – Dine And Thrive



I am a living, breathing example of what a change in diet can do to dramatically improve health. You see, about 18 months ago I suffered a near-fatal asthma attack. Two days in a coma, followed by a week connected to a respirator was quite the wake-up call.

I needed to take a serious look at my health, quickly. I asked my doctor if there was anything I could do and she pretty much told me I could expect a lifetime of medication. I was not so quick to agree.

Asthma, allergies, weakened immune system, low thyroid function, little extra pudge around the midsection, you name it, I probably suffered from it. Which is why I started doing my research, surely there was some proactive approach that would put control of my health back into my hands.

Turns out Hippocrates was onto something when he said “let food be thy medicine”. Most people know that milk increases the production of phlegm, but how many know that spirulina puts the beef industry to shame as a protein powerhouse?

Nature’s Proven Health Boosters

I was surprised to find out just how unhealthy I was eating. I figured since I was cooking the majority of my meals I was better off than someone eating strictly junk food. While that logic was partially true, many of my ingredients were refined, packaged, and filled with unhealthy additives.

The best diet by far consists of plant-based, whole foods, meaning nothing processed, refined, or overly packaged for long shelf life. The closer it is to fresh-picked the better. If possible, grow your own.

Benefits of a Balanced Diet

  • Better Sleep – Ever since I’ve been eating a healthy diet rich in plant-based whole foods and healthy grains, like quinoa, I sleep soundly at night. I rarely, if ever, suffer indigestion. Not only do I wake up in the morning feeling well-rested, but I also remember my dreams.
  • Look Younger – I recently confessed my age to a small circle of friends, they were visibly impressed as they had pegged me for a good 15 years younger than my actual age. I credit a combination of diet, exercise, and restful sleep as my personal fountain of youth.
  • Better Mental Focus – If you’ve ever experienced a sugar coma then you are well aware of food’s dulling effects. Reducing refined sugars and carbohydrates allows you to build a diet rich in natural energy boosters that don’t come with that cloudy-brain sensation.
  • Increased Energy – From the time I wake up in the morning until I hop into bed at night, I am filled with energy. I enjoy the benefits of boosted energy from eating natural ketones so much that I notice a measurable difference in my energy level when I eat carbohydrates now. Seriously, it’s almost enough to make me swear off bread because it makes me feel all sluggish like I ingested glue.
  • Extended Longevity  – I still have several years to go before I can say that eating a healthy diet has added years to my life, but I know I’ve significantly slowed my pace towards an early grave. Two years ago I got sick at the drop of a hat, now I can hardly remember the last time I sneezed. Trust me, after suffering chronic sinus infections, that’s a big deal.

Where You Buy is as Important as What You Buy

Rising gas prices alone should be enough motivation to buy locally grown produce from local suppliers, but that’s not always feasible depending on your particular geography. When shopping it’s wise to gravitate towards the organic section simply because you can rest assured that no pesticides or poisonous chemicals have been sprayed all over your food. This distinction is important when shopping for supplements as well, organic multivitamins offer peace of mind along with balanced nutrition.