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Winter Sun – Your Essential Holiday Checklist



Are you one of the lucky ones who will be jetting off on holiday, escaping the January blues, and catching some winter sun? Christmas is barely over and you’re already getting your suitcases down from the attic, but are you organized, and do you have everything you need for your travels? No? Don’t panic! We have an essential holiday checklist for you – whether you’re destined for hotter climates or your heading for the ski slopes we have everything you need!

Everything You Need for Your Skiing Holiday:

So this year your winter holiday is taking you to the wintery slopes of a ski resort. Whether you’re a pro on a set of skis or this is your first time it’s important you have everything you need for a safe and successful holiday in the snow:

Clothes: So the most obvious thing you need to pack is plenty of warm clothes and lots of layers! You need to dig out your thermal underwear, your fleeces, your ski socks, and gloves. Your goggles, your hat, your ski boots, and any other equipment you have.

Sun Cream: One thing you cannot go without is sun cream, it really is essential. Although it may be freezing you can still be at risk of getting sunburnt, especially with the sun reflecting off all that snow. A good sunblock to choose is the Riemann P20 as you only have to put this on once a day, meaning you don’t have to carry it around with you all day.

Lip Balm and Moisturiser: All that fresh air and snow can really dry out your skin so it’s important to take plenty of deep nourishing moisturizer with you to avoid any cracked or dry skin – something like a Nivea Visage daily moisturizer. A good quality lip balm is also a must-have to avoid those sore chapped lips, something like Vaseline with SPF or Blistex would be perfect.

All You Need for Your Winter Sun Holiday:

Jetting off to warmer climates and leaving the cold, dreary UK behind is the best way to get over those winter blues! But make sure you pack everything you need for a relaxing and enjoyable holiday in the sun:

Clothes: It’s important to check what the temperatures will be like while you are on holiday, it may be lovely and warm in the day but it could get a bit chilly in the evening so make sure you pack all the appropriate clothes.

Sun Cream: An essential for every holiday, we all want to come back from our holiday with a lovely tan especially at this time of year but you need to make sure you are still safe and keep your skin protected. Like with the skiing holiday the Riemann P20 is an excellent choice, especially when you have kids that are in and out of the pool all day. Another great one for the children is the Nivea Sun kids range or the Sunsense Ultra.

Protection from Insects: No matter where you go in the world there will always be some pesky insects that would love to nibble on you so make sure you take some insect repellent and some insect cream like Anthisan just in case. If anyone in your family reacts badly to insect bites then make sure you stock up on the Piriton allergy tablets too.

The best thing you can do is make a list and make sure you stick to it, that way you can be confident everything is packed and ready to go. Happy holidays and don’t forget the passports!