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5 Awesome Nutrition Apps Every Adult Should Have



If you’re like most people trying to get fit, stay fit, or win the battle of the bulge, you need every weapon available to you. Fortunately, you live in the age when there is an apt for almost everything and that includes nutrition and fitness. Take a look at these awesome apps and put them to work for you.


You’ll love having this app on hand when you’re grocery shopping or planning meals at home. Just scan the barcode on your grocery items and get the scoop on its nutritional content. The app tells you how many calories in the product and other important info like sodium content or the presence of hidden sugars. Fooducate is even educated enough to give the item an overall grade for its nutritional quality.

Weight Watchers Mobile

Members of the popular weight loss group Weight Watchers can easily keep track of their daily points, what they’ve used, and how many are still available with this handy app. Recently touted by U.S. News as the ‘easiest diet to follow”, Weight Watchers has a proven track record of success and this app makes it even easier to stick to the plan.

Calorie Counter

The name does not say it all for this app. Yes, it tells you how many calories, fats, sugars, and other nutrients are in more than 750,000 different foods, but it can do much more. It acts as a place to make food and exercise notes and keep track of your fitness goals. This app even stores the nutritional information about foods you eat frequently so recalculation isn’t necessary.

Restaurant Nutrition

For those of you who eat out frequently, this app is a must-have. The database stores info about more than 1,000 well-known restaurants and 15,000 menu choices. It’s an easy way to make healthy food choices nearly anywhere you go.

Lose It!

Choose a weight loss target, select a timeline, and use this app to calculate the number of calories you can eat each day and achieve your goal. Lose It! keeps track of what you consume and how many calories you’ve taken in and informs you how many you have left in your day’s allowance. It has information stored about grocery store items and thousands of restaurant foods, including fast food favorites. It’s the perfect way to keep focused on reaching your weight loss goals.

Sticking to a healthy diet isn’t easy, especially if you’re guessing about nutritional values. These apps can help you make healthy food choices even when you live on the go lifestyle.