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6 Awesome Apps If You Have RA



Do you need help relieving the pain caused by rheumatoid arthritis? These six awesome iTunes apps can help you track your symptoms, discover new treatments, learn how to meditate, or even inspire you to try yoga for RA. Read on for the high-tech way to help manage rheumatoid arthritis symptoms:

  1. My Pain Diary  (iTunes, $4.99) — Accurate information about your RA is vital to developing an effective treatment plan with your doctor. This app tracks your symptoms and pain levels and allows you to share the information with your doctor. It provides you and your doctor with accurate data about how you’ve been feeling (instead of relying on how you think you’ve been feeling). You’ll be able to leave the doctor’s office with confidence in your treatment plan.
  2. ReumaMonitor (iTunes, free) — ReumaMonitor focuses on the specific areas that affect your daily routine: the joints causing you pain and discomfort. This app tracks your symptoms for up to six months, allowing you and your doctor to make informed decisions about possible treatment plans and identify what does and doesn’t help relieve your symptoms.
  3. Mayo Clinic Arthritis Wellness Solutions by GAIAM (iTunes, $24.99) — Knowing there’s not one simple cure-all for RA, this app provides a comprehensive health plan to relieve symptoms associated with RA. It has four parts: a guide to conditions and treatments; a guide to shopping, eating, and meal-planning; a yoga session designed specifically for those suffering from RA; and a stress-reducing tool.
  4. RAadvisor Podcasts (iTunes, free) — You can learn a lot about RA through simply watching and listening. This collection of podcasts and videos educates you about RA where- and whenever you have a free minute. Rheumatologists, other experts, and people living with RA discuss a variety of relatable topics.
  5. 101 Yoga Poses (iTunes, $0.99) — Finding the right yoga positions can be a daunting task.  Through a variety of yoga moves, this app allows you to identify what alleviates your symptoms. The step-by-step instructions make it easy to attempt and modify any position and find your perfect posture.
  6. myMeditation by BLT & Associates (iTunes, $1.99) — Love the idea of meditating but not sure where to begin? This app explains the benefits and provides instruction on guided breathing and various breathing patterns. If you feel you aren’t doing it right, a timer can help you maintain the appropriate rhythm until you’ve mastered your technique.