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The Challenges of Being Caregiving



Caregivers will perform many types of tasks when assisting their clients. These tasks will often include cleaning, cooking, being a companion, giving medications, and many other tasks. Many may not realize the challenges that caregivers face in performing their roles.

Constant Stress

Stress is one challenge that is faced by caregivers on a daily basis. This is due to the type of role of the caregiver, such as caring for a client with dementia or other brain-related issues. The physical abilities of the client are also a cause of stress depending on their complexity. Stress is often constant and means caregivers need to be flexible to adjust to changing needs.

No Personal Time

Personal time is also a challenge when clients need constant attention. Older clients that have any type of mental problems or head trauma may fall easily. This means that caregivers need to be vigilant with clients that want to be mobile. Clients that unexpectedly will require a visit to an emergency room. They may not remember or be unwilling to take prescribed medications. Patients can also take more of a medication than is prescribed.

No Routine Schedule

Routine schedules may also not be an option for some patients. This can be due to doctor visits and the need to perform routine tasks each day. Constant driving to various appointments can be a challenge if a caregiver has a difficult patient. Patients may also be argumentative when sitting in the waiting room at a doctor‘s office. This can leave the caregiver exhausted and overwhelmed on any given day.

Feeling Unappreciated

People that have never been a caregiver may not appreciate the role they play. This can lead a caregiver to feel undervalued or not appreciated if they are ignored or not addressed properly by the providers of health care. A caregiver may also not be given the opportunity to adequately provide their observations to health care providers.

Job Requirements

Good interpersonal skills and communication are required for any successful caregiving. These people also need to have a lot of stamina and a limitless supply of patience. Knowledge of medical conditions and the different types of medications is also necessary to deal with various situations.

Long Work Hours

A typical caregiver may work long hours for low pay. They often do not have time for a vacation or any sick days. Many cannot afford insurance and have little time to spend with friends and family. This will result in burnout if no time is set aside for personal needs.