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Romantic Trip To Edinburgh – Find the Best Spots in the City



Going on a trip with a spouse is always a very romantic thing to do. Some places are all about that like Paris for example. When they are mentioned people are thinking about nothing else but love, kisses, and dinners in candles.

The sunsets and water are other signs of romance and they are connected with the best spots for two people who are in love to strengthen their relationship and show affection.

The truth is that romance can be created everywhere. It is up to the people who are in love to choose their own place and make it special with unforgettable and sweet memories. When you do not love each other enough even the perfect sunset and glass of wine will never impress you. So do not miss visiting interesting places only because they are not officially considered as romantic.

The town of Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland and one very nice place to see. Though it is not officially declared the home of romance, it is a good idea to go there. And the article will suggest several spots in the city which will make you feel more romantic.

Scotland has always been the land of brave people and interesting legends. So every part of it is connected with an old history.

Today the area has a very interesting and rich cultural, musical, and sport life. The entertainment and nightlife also have to be checked.

When searching for romantic spots, visitors have to know that the city is divided into four main parts, which are Old Town, New Town, Leith, and Southside. This will be very useful information when trying to locate a spot in the area.

The first suggestion that will help you bring the romance to the trip is going to the Royal Mile. This is one of the liveliest spots in the city, leading straight to the castle of the town. The street is the perfect way to explore the Old Town of Edinburgh. It is full of buildings made centuries ago, and narrow secret streets which were very common in the past. If the small spaces between the buildings fail to create a special romantic feeling, the atmosphere in the restaurants will surely do that. The couples will enjoy traditional Scottish cuisine and create their memories.

Another special spot in the city is Calton Hill. Besides the history and mystery that it holds it will reveal an amazing view over the town. There is an old Greek acropolis monument left in the area. Besides the view and the monument, the two Observatories situated in the area also have to be seen. They are both very old and holding very interesting exhibitions inside.

St. Bernard’s Well is the next location. It is situated in a very special and beautiful area called Stockbridge. The story says that it is connected with a person, who lived back in the 12th century. It was hidden for a long time and then discovered again in the 17th century. The water in the well is often connected with healings and many miracles that happened to people who were suffering. Couples who want to experience a miracle have to know that only on special days it is allowed to cross the iron gates, which are today surrounding the well.

To finish the romantic trip in Edinburg couples can watch the sunset at the Forth Rail Bridge. It is long more than two kilometers and is one of the architectural wonders made of steel. It was built back in the 19th century and it took almost ten years to get ready. If couples come at night they will take amazing pictures of the place and meet many other people who came for the same.