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Differences Between the Water Signs



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Each zodiac sign in astrology corresponds to one of the four elements: fire, earth, air, and water. We use the elemental characteristics to extract more meaning from the zodiac. However, the signs themselves are very different from each other — the water signs in particular (Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces) range in interpretation and symbolism.

But first, what do the water signs have in common? Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces all deal with our emotions and sensitivities. They deal with how we manifest using our feelings and spiritual nature as fuel. The water signs are all feminine and concerned with our private, innermost self. That’s about where the similarities end, though.

What is the Water Sign difference?


Cancer is the sign of the home, the mother, or the caring parent. Here planets are made soft, loving, and nurturing by Cancer’s influence, being in tune with the emotional nature. The Moon rules it, showing how fluctuating and moody these people are.

This sign stands for the native’s home country, heritage, emotional state, and matters at the end of life. It is incredibly personal. Cancer is also a cardinal sign, which means it can be active and energetic, despite its passive element. Even so, these natives tend to have weak constitutions.

This is the most secluded water sign. Cancer is symbolized by the crab, which has its home (i.e., shell) on its back. These defensive natives are rather shy and don’t want to be in the spotlight.

They require a quiet and comfortable setting so they can constructively manifest their creativity. Before they open up, they need to feel safe and secure. Otherwise, they can be prone to changeability and being over-sensitivity and sentimental.


The fixed water sign is represented by the scorpion, which grips its victims in its claws as it strikes with its poisonous tail. Its rulers are Mars and Pluto, two planets related to desires, control, power, and aggression.

Scorpio natives have intense emotional highs and lows. They are not shy but quiet and reflective. These natives are determined, secretive, and obsessive, but they can use these traits for positive ventures like studying science, occultism and metaphysics, and detective work. Alternatively, they can be driven by their unconscious desires, seeking fulfillment after fulfillment in a disturbing, cyclical rampage.

Scorpion influence is very penetrating and deeply related to the subconsciousness. As it represents raw power, it is profoundly concerned with developing self-control so one can fully utilize their potential in this life.

Scorpio can be a sign of debauchery. But on the more agreeable side, this is the most transformative and rejuvenating sign in the zodiac. When we strive to master our desires and enact them responsibly, we genuinely understand what it means to have power.


Pisces natives vacillate quite often between the physical realm and the spiritual realm. Represented by the fishes, there are two aspects of the Pisces individual: on the one hand, this person is very sickly and extremely sensitive, able to read the emotions of a room with ease; on the other hand, these people are the daydreamers of the zodiac, never quite centered in their physical self.

Jupiter and Neptune are the rulers of Pisces, embodying human spirituality and beliefs. Pisces is associated with worldly service, sacrifices, and loss of our ego. It deals with the emotions of humanity at large.

This mutable sign is very liable to self-destructive behavior, and it mainly impinges upon the person’s belief system. We think of Pisces people as weird, highly imaginative, and dreamy. They are taxing their creativity, attempting to discover a definite meaning to life. Pisces natives strongly need something to believe in to validate their existence on the material plane.

Otherwise, we see them resort to drugs and alcohol, for they tend to seek escape. This can occur through narcotics, boundless imagination, or sham spirituality. However, once these natives find a positive, constructive purpose, they become like ideals of action, leading their lives with strong ambition and intention to prove their purpose to everyone else.


It’s important to distinguish the differences between these water signs in a reading. You don’t want to confuse the moodiness of Cancer with the impressionability of Pisces, nor with the emotional intensity of Scorpio.

Each sign indicates a unique aspect of human experience, and the element ties them together through a commonality. Remember, the symbols and planets connected to each sign for further help discerning their meanings.

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