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Weight Loss

Lose Weight with Slim in 6!



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Health and fitness experts recommend that you should keep a balance in eating. Physical exercise is compulsory for you if you want to stay fit and healthy. If you are a person who is obese, you might have a problem when you purchase a dress and it does not fit your body just because you are over-weight. It feels very bad when you are obese and people make fun of your outlook.

Slim in 6

A Beachbody’s fitness workout program allows you to burn extra calories in just six weeks. Slim in 6 Schedule is created on the technique of “Slim Training”, which involves fat-burning cardio with light resistance moves to help you get lean without bulking-up your body. After this workout, you will get your slim and smart thighs, hips, and arms.

The Workout Kit

This workout kit is just like that of all Beachbody’s workout kits. It incorporates three user-friendly workouts DVD’s i.e. “Start it Up”, “Ramp it Up” and finally “Burn it Up”. The Start it Up DVD allows you to get introduced to the basic sliming moves for excessive calorie burning and reshaping your body. Ramp it Up DVDs helps you accelerate your workout results by burning more calories.  Burn it Up DVDs helps you to accomplish your body re-shaping by slimming and toning it. Slim in 6 reviews indicate that with its diet plan you can lose up to 6 pounds and 6 inches in just the first six days of your workout with a guarantee.

Measuring tools

It is necessary to monitor your progress from time to time in order to keep involved in your workout. It comes along the Workout calendar so that you could know which exercise to do at which day and to keep a track of how far you have accomplished your goals. It also comes along a guidebook “Simple steps to success” that helps you to read and imitate moves according to your workout requirements. It also comes along slim tracker so that you get feedback, how much calories you had burned till now.

Bonus gifts

You will also get bonus gifts if you purchase this workout. This bonus includes:

  1. Step-by-Step nutrition guide
  2. Slim and 6 pack
  3. Slim and limber
  4. Free online access to diet and fitness tips.
  5. 6-day express diet plan

Two Additional gifts

  1. 1-workout DVD named “Cardio core”.
  2. Slim training band

Slim in 6 workouts comes with a 6-week money-back guarantee. If you do not get results within 6-weeks of your workout, you can also ask for return authorization-no questions asked. You do not have to return the step-by-step nutrition guide, slim & 6-pack, slim & Limber, 6-day express diet plan, and finally online access and take it as gifts for you.