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How to Feel More Balanced



Do you work a lot? Are you overwhelmed often? Do you have more than you can handle? If so these tips can help.

Let go

Let go of your expectations of trying to be perfect for everyone and every situation. Chances are this is making you more stressed out. When we try to be there for everyone but put ourselves last we feel more stressed out.

If you really want to feel empowered and less stressed out just let go and let your self be present. Being present in the moment can help you relax. When you let go of trying to control your surroundings you can feel more peace.

Be present

When you are present and focused on the situation at hand you will feel less stressed out. People who take time to really be in the moment usually do a better job and their work performance is better than people who are multitasking or focusing on what they need to do next. If you spend to much time in the future you will be stressed out because you will feel anticipatory stress.


If you’re feeling stressed out and you’re overwhelmed you can outsource activities. To outsource aspects of a project think about the parts of the project that someone else can do. What parts are easy to do? An assistant or intern can help you, you just have to ask. Outsourcing helps improve your productivity and it can help you feel more balanced.

Put yourself first

Putting your health first will help you feel better. If you are not taking care of yourself you may become more stressed ours. Are you eating a balanced breakfast every morning? Are you brushing your teeth daily? Do you floss regularly? These activities will help you feel more balanced and less stressed out.


Moving your body will help you feel more connected to your self. When you sweat you feel good. Doing activities to move your body will help you feel more balanced. Pick an activity that you love. Such as yoga, swimming, or dance? You don’t have to hit the gym for an hour to be healthy. Simply listen to your body and feel connected.