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Alkaline Detox : A Must For Everyone



Before we look at alkaline detox plus its advantages, here is a general view of detoxification or detox. The subject of detox is not new in any way. The basic concept behind detox is simple. It is based on the principle that some illnesses arise from the accumulation of toxic substances or toxins in our bodies.

Understanding Body Toxins

A toxin is basically a chemical or poison that has harmful effects on the body, which can range from simple to complex ones. There are different sources of these toxins including the food we eat, the water we drink, or even the air we breathe.

Detox is the elimination of the toxins from the body or avoiding them through diet. Detox, therefore, serves to cleanse your body hence leaving you healthier.

For sound health to be achieved another parameter is very important. This is the balance between acid and alkaline levels in the body commonly referred to as pH level. A healthy body is supposed to be slightly alkaline. However, this balance can be interfered with by the foods we eat.

Taking acid foods such as dairy products and sweets among others will cause the body to be more acidic which is unhealthy. This is very common because acid foods are also common in our dining tables. The remedy for this is to take alkaline foods which are called alkaline detox.

Alkaline Detox

Alkaline detox, therefore, is the type of detox based on taking alkaline foods or drinks in order to counter the side effects caused by acid foods.  Alkaline detox is not as difficult as it may sound. What you need is to reduce your daily intake of acid foods while increasing your intake of alkaline foods. Some common acid foods include dairy products, sweets, chips, burgers, animal proteins, chocolate, lentils, cola, and peanut butter. On the other hand, common alkaline foods would include fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, sea vegetables, sweet potatoes, pumpkin seeds, alkaline water, cauliflower, honey, sea salt, vinegar, vegetable juices, and raisins among many others.

More Alkaline Detox Tips

Before starting your alkaline detox, it is advisable you ensure that you are not suffering from any disease or under medication. This is due to the fact that while going through the detox process one may experience some signs of colds or coughing. During this process, the body is getting rid of the toxins and adjusting itself. This is normal hence there is no cause for alarm. The detox period can last between one and two weeks.

There is a difference between an alkaline detox and an alkaline diet. Whereas the former serves to combat the side effects caused by acid foods and bring the body pH level back to normal, the later is a lifestyle of taking the right amount of alkaline foods to avoid any side effects and maintaining good health.

The benefits of alkaline detox need not be overemphasized. In order to maintain a healthy and strong body free from illnesses and diseases what we need is to keep our body alkaline balanced. Remember that such a healthy body is not only vibrant but also promotes long life.

On the contrary, an acidic body is weak, sickly, degenerating with all indications of poor health ranging from the simplest like colds to the dreaded diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. It is evident therefore that alkaline detox is necessary for all of us.