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How to Tone the Thighs and Legs



Legs and thighs are the most common part of the human body that can appear too baggy, too weak, or too skinny. Thus, many people want to trim their inner or outer thighs and legs so that they can look good even on the beach it is a mission not so easy to accomplish. It means adding a little strength in the hamstrings and quads through a number of movements and hard workouts.

1. Squats

The best way to have the legs and thighs toned is doing squats for about three to five minutes, perhaps every evening for seven days. You can add some challenge by holding some heavy object as you carry out the squats. It helps in exercising the muscles along the legs more and speeds up the process of attaining sexy and strong legs.

2. Walking Up Slight Incline

This is a move that also helps to work up the butt as well. If done for around 15-20 minutes on a daily basis, sexy legs will be the result in a less period of time. It is a favorite for many and people love walking across their neighborhood in search of some slight inclines and then walking upright at them.

3. High-Intensity Cardio

This means taking up some exercise such as boxing for 25 minutes, jogging up the stairs, where rather than seek low intensity you seek hard and fast intensity. A benefit that comes with this is that one gets the much needed cardio workout while at the same timed toned legs and thighs.

4. Bleacher Running

You can look for bleachers and use them as steps to run upon them as you come down in a rather slow movement. This can be done for about three or so times each week, something that tones up the calves tremendously. As the legs become used to the movement, some weight can be added by wearing some backpack that builds up the thigh and leg muscles further.

5. Leg Lifts

This is a move that makes sure the thighs have been exercised and toned up. You can be flat on your back as you raise the legs towards the air and continue to carry out three sets of around twenty leg lifts. As the thighs become sleeker, the intensity can also be increased.

6. Jump

Jumping is important since it helps in having the legs toned up and sexy. Begin with the feet at shoulder-width from one another as you bend the hips more towards the surface of the floor. You can then lift the arms out far from the body as you jump as high as it is possible and make sure you have landed in squats, arms lowered. A dozen times in a string will accomplish a lot.

7. Roller-skating

Roller skating is one of those amazing and fun sports that will tone the legs if done regularly. As you skate, the fat is burned and muscles build around the thighs and legs, making them feel and look toned. Using roller skates up the hill will definitely tone the legs and strengthen almost all leg muscles.