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Your Fussy Eater Can Learn to Eat Healthy Too!



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Your Fussy Eater Can Learn to Eat Healthy Too!

Do you have a child that’s a picky eater? It’s a normal condition, especially among children, it’s known as food neophobia, the fear of new things foods. Trying to get children to eat healthy foods such as vegetables and other wholesome foods is a real challenge. Here’s how you can get your picky eater to begin to eat as well as enjoy healthy foods.


The first thing you’ll need is patience when dealing with a picky eater as it can take time for them to enjoy new foods. Don’t try to force food onto them if they don’t like it. Do with what they like and try to gradually introduce new foods to their diet and see how it goes with them. If you eat healthily too and tell them how good the food is then they will pick up on this and they will want to try what mom and dad are eating out of curiosity.

Blend Vegetables

Take one of the foods that your picky eater likes such as pasta sauce for example or a hamburger and blend vegetables into the mixture. If you do this to a homemade hamburger you can’t even tell that there’s additional carrot or onion in the hamburger and it will taste the same. You can do this with a meat sauce for pasta as well. The picky eater won’t be able to spot the additional vegetables and they will still enjoy their favorite foods. Another way to do this is to try switching to all vegetable versions of their favorite meats and see if that works. If you experiment with foods you’ll find that it’s actually quite easy to get the picky eater to enjoy more vegetables in the diet.

Food Should Be Fun

Make food fun for the picky eater by creating shapes with the food or their favоrite characters for example or of something else they enjoy. You can buy all sorts of fun cutters from the store that will help you get creative with food. If you get the picky eater to help you prepare something new they just might want to try what they have created.

Add Sweet

Another way to get picky eaters to eat is to add a bit of a sweet coating to vegetables. Most picky eaters won’t eat vegetables because they find the food to be a bit bitter. Try adding a honey glaze or a natural sweetener such as stevia on the vegetables that are otherwise unpalatable. Another thing you can do is to try raw vegetables as the picky eater might want to eat them if they are served with some sort of dip.

Use More Sauces

If your picky eater likes a certain sauce then let them dip their food in it even if you wouldn’t do it yourself. Maybe your child likes ketchup a lot. They could dip their vegetables into it. If they like a sauce then try to include this at the table and see if it helps them eat healthier foods such as vegetables.

Small Rewards

Consider giving the picky eater some sort of small reward at the end of the meal if they tried something healthier. It could be a small amount of their favorite dessert for example. This will encourage them in the future to try new things.