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Tips to Keep Your Sanity this Winter



Are you overwhelmed because the holiday season is in full swing? For many people, this time of year is extra stressful.  But there are many things that you can do to de-stress and decompress. These tips can help:

Avoid over piling your to-do list

If you make lists of things to do you might add everything on there and it could become overwhelming. Instead of adding every single thing onto the list, add the situations that you need to remember on your list. Such as picking up the children at 4:00 pm, or buying the turkey before the big family gets together.

Studies show that people who have long lists often become overwhelmed because they are not always able to check everything off of it. This can add to your stress so eliminate your stress by decompressing and reducing the size of your to-do list.

Take a moment to breathe

When you become overwhelmed you get ahead of yourself. Try not to forget to breathe; sometimes even though breathing is natural to life, the human body can become stressed when you forget to breathe. When you hold your breath it reduces oxygen flow to the body and brain and can speed up your heart.

This can add to your stress, so it’s important to just take a moment and consciously bring your attention to your breath. Breathe in and out and do mini-meditations.

Going into nature

Even though it’s the winter season it doesn’t mean that nature is off-limits sometimes the best parks are available for winter hobbies and playtime such as snowshoeing, canoeing, and hiking.

Going into nature can have a healing effect it helps you feel better on the inside out. Studies also show that people who spend time in nature are often less depressed and have reduced blood pressure.

Practice self-care

When you brush your teeth and brush your hair, you take care of yourself daily. You feel better from the inside out. Taking warm baths, to nurture your mind, body and soul can help de-stress yourself as well.

Listen to your body

If you have aches and pains such as a gnarly toothache and you’re not addressing it this will definitely add to your stress. Make sure you listen to what your body is telling you. This includes following up with appointments to see your dentist to address the toothache.