Exercises and Yoga Helpful During Pregnancy

We all know that exercises are great way to keep our body fit and healthy. But during pregnancy time care has to be taken while doing the exercises. Only safe exercises for pregnancy should be considered which avoid risk relating to excessive work outs.

Exercising is recommendable during pregnancy, but only the low impact ones, and those which increase the metabolism rate of the body. The type of exercise to avoid during pregnancy is the one involving too much energy and efforts from the performer’s side. Few exercises to avoid during pregnancy are listed below:

  • Skipping and rhythmic aerobics which involves high impact exercises.
  • Power yoga
  • High endurance games and activities.
  • Martial arts and ballet.

A specific pregnancy exercise routine may include water aerobics as its integral part. It is not necessary that you should know swimming to practice water aerobics. Instead it will be an advantage if you know it. These exercises can be performed in waist and chest high water also. But water aerobics should also be performed after doing modifications accordingly. Moderate water aerobics exercises can help in burning excess fats and increases endurance also. Brisk walks in early morning time and late evenings are very helpful in maintaining activeness and strength in the body.

Doctors recommend pregnant women to stop performing their previous high impact exercises aimed at maintaining fitness. From the commencement of their pregnancy period they are asked to replace their previous exercise routine with some low impact and safe exercises for pregnancy.

There are many helpful yoga DVDs that are quite useful for women who are expecting or are pregnant. As you know yoga is one of the most beneficial forms of pregnancy exercise that you should not miss out, it is also important that you perform this yoga exercise effectively so that if works positively for your body. Yoga DVDs available in the market and online are thus useful for you and can give you proper help on how to perform easy pregnancy yoga.

Pregnancy yoga videos guides’ women about safe and salubrious stretching moves that can be performed in the comfort of the home as per convenience. They teach about strengthening and relaxing moves that induces flexibility in the body which enhances adaptability to varied positions while in labor. Yoga not only helps in keeping the body fit during pregnancy but also avoid all type of stress and depression that may be caused during pregnancy.

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