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5 Things A Nurse Always Has On Them



Nurses are always walking from one area to another while taking care of multiple patients. They are expected to have powerful legs that can withstand eight to 10 hours of walking, a positive mind to deal with patient concerns, and a professional demeanor during the whole shift. These are coupled with the right little things that they always carry.

A Wristwatch

A wristwatch is an essential thing that all nurses wear. This small device is not used to track when the shift is about to end. It is also used to measure many procedures. A watch is every nurse’s friendly companion that conveniently rests on their arm.

This handy device is used to measure the patient’s heart and pulse rates. It can also help in gauging IV fluid infusions. A wristwatch is also used in assessing the patient’s breathing rhythm and pattern to find any untreated medical conditions.

A Pen

A pen is the best weapon that every licensed professional should have. This tool allows them to record every procedure that may help in documentation. Nurses also use pens in a number of procedures.

Nurses need these in order to write on charts and document procedures done. The small device also serves a major purpose in the medical center. People seldom find nurses without a pen hanging out of their front or side pockets.

Alcohol Swabs or Antibacterial Hand Gels

Another thing that can always be found on a nurse is antibacterial gel or alcohol swabs. This is always found inside the nurse’s pockets. People can see nurses taking these out and applying them to their hands.

Alcohol-base liquids, gels, and swabs are lifesavers as they are a handy alternative to traditional hand washing. This can eliminate bacteria on the nurse’s hands with a simple application in adequate amounts. Swabs can also be used on patients before administering medications through injections.

A Penlight

A handy penlight is always found in a nurse’s front pocket. It can be used for different purposes during all stages of treatment. It is always best to get help from tools that can lighten up an area and make things appear clearer. This eliminates unwanted mistakes that can largely affect the patient’s overall condition.

A penlight is a useful tool when assessing or checking a patient. Nurses use this tool to clearly evaluate oral and nasal cavities. They can also use the penlight to see other body areas such as the ears. A simple penlight can change the whole assessment and diagnosis phase.


There are different kinds of medical and surgical tape with particular uses. This is another thing that nurses carry with them all the time. The tape can also be made from different materials depending on its use.

The tape is another tool that can serve many functions for the nurse on duty. It can be used to attach needles for IV fluids and medications. A surgical tape can also be used to seal an opening from injections. It can have many other functions that may seem untraditional to other people but ordinary to nurses. The tape can also be used for other functions such as adhesives for sealing medical packs and for labeling medical supplies and equipment.