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Lemon Juice Diet – For Effective Weight Loss and Detoxification



Drink lemon water

Lemon juice diets have always been the answer to effective weight loss and detoxification in the stomach. If you have a grim chance of losing weight, then you must give this a try. Lemon, taken along with warm water in the morning, can help in weight loss. Lemon also has various benefits such as improving digestion and absorption of sugar. And for those weight watchers, Vitamin C is an excellent source to absorb the calcium into the fat cells, which helps to lose weight.

Both lemon juice, as well as peel, can aid in boosting good digestion because as leading Health writer, Theresa Cheung notes in her latest book ‘Lemon Juice Diet’, many of the diets fail majorly because our digestive systems do not work properly. She also adds that the conventional dieting process tends to aggravate this. But if you want to jump-start into a diet, then this will help you but only for the short term. Healthy eating and knowing what you eat is very essential to compliment such diets. Do not opt for blind or binge eating. This will only help you gain weight. And again, restricting your self to lemon juice diets will not give you the other essentials elements like proteins, etc.

Word of Precaution: If you intend to go for the lemon juice diet, restrict the amount of physical activity like hitting the gym, so that you can conserve energy. Otherwise, your body will end up metabolizing your own muscle tissue. You can also expect several visits to the toilet for the additional bowel movements the lemon juice diet induces. This is because, as you receive a very little amount of calories, it helps in accelerating the process of detoxification and hence cleanses the bowel.

It has been recommended to drink water when you follow this diet. Make sure that you follow this diet for not more than a day or two. If you plan to go further, it is recommended that you consult your doctor. And again, for those with the leaky gut syndrome, diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome, and other diseases like heart disease, liver disorders or diabetes, etc are strictly advised to not follow this diet.

But there are some added advantages to this diet as well. It not only helps you lose weight naturally but also offers bonuses like immunity and detoxification to your body. Whether you take it with plain warm water or mix it with honey or apple cider vinegar, the ultimate benefits you shall receive will remain the same.