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Weight Loss

Stoking Your Metabolism To Melt Away Extra Pounds



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One of the best ways to take off those extra pounds is to boost your metabolism to lose weight.  If you can coax your body into burning more calories it will be much easier for you to be successful in your weight loss program.  The best way to boost your metabolism is to make sure that you always eat breakfast.  If you skip breakfast your body will go into what is called starvation mode and start shutting down nonessential functions in order to cut down on calorie expenditure.  This is exactly the opposite of what you want.  A good, healthy breakfast will tell your body to go ahead and burn all of the calories it wants.

Your body operates much like a furnace and its efficiency is affected when you add too much fuel at once.  Try spreading your eating out over the entire day.  Eat a greater number of smaller meals and your body will be more efficient and burn off more of those calories instead of storing them like it does when you eat too much at one sitting.

Protein is the fuel that makes your body’s furnace run the hottest.  Eating protein at every meal is an easy way to boost your metabolism without going to any extra trouble.  It takes more energy for your body to use protein than it does for either carbohydrates or fats which gets your body’s calorie-burning mechanism into high gear and this continues for a significant period of time.

If you get hungry between meals, consider postponing your snacking.  One of the biggest misconceptions that most people have is that because they feel hungry they should eat.  Many times hunger is a sign of other conditions like fatigue and dehydration.  If you are hungry, try drinking a glass of water and then waiting a little while to see how your body reacts.  You will be surprised to see how often your hunger pangs will go away and you can keep your body burning off those extra pounds instead of the calories from a snack.

No matter how badly you wish to lose that weight, you must make sure that you consume enough calories.  just like skipping breakfast, not consuming enough calories over the course of the day will cause your body’s metabolism to slow down and you will start burning fewer calories.  Get your metabolism revved up into high gear and you will see those pounds melt away faster creating a happier, healthier you.