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Cons of Silver-Mercury Cavities



Do you have fillings and are you considering replacing the metal mercury fillings with new technologies. There are many advances that have taken place in the health care industry over the past few decades. Well, you are not alone. Many advances have been made in the dental industry since the early introduction of mercury fillings.

Mercury fillings are controversial, as they are half mercury and half silver. Many scientists believe that they are unhealthy for the body. And the dental industry goes back and forth over Mercury-free fillings and are they good for you.

Here are the facts about Mercury-free fillings. Despite the fillings, mercury is a poison, and in general, is not something that should go into the human body.

There has been a lot of research that has been performed to showcase that mercury is a toxic element and it can harm the body. However, in silver fillings, there is such a small percentage that it is not likely to harm an individual.

Yet, research shows that mercury vapor can arise in the mouth and if someone has a silver filling this vapor is inhaled and it can be absorbed into the bloodstream. This is traceable in the body and can damage aspects of your health.

Although this is a true statement, whether or not the Mercury that enters into the body is harmful and how significant it is, is still being researched by scientists.

Some countries such as Germany and Sweden have passed laws and regulations to stop the use of mercury silver fillings; Canada is on its way to doing the same.

The dilemma with mercury fillings is they are outdated and not healthy for your overall health.  In the past, if you want to do an alternative to silver fillings you could do a gold filling. But golf is expensive and is hard to put into the mouth.

Today, there are many more options available to you. No longer do you have to do the silver filling. In fact, removing your silver fillings is one of the smartest things you can do for your overall health. Visit your dentist for advice on how to prevent dental disease and gum disease. Removing your fillings that are silver is a good first step to improving your health.

There are many materials available now to help people improve their oral health.