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3 Ways to Know You’re Making Progress in Therapy



When troubled individuals begin to see a therapist in order to work on their issues, they will want some signs that their weekly counseling sessions are helping. If they are spending quite a bit of money each week but are not seeing results, they may have to decide if they would like to continue or find a new counselor. Men and women who are attending relationship therapy sessions should sit down with each other and gauge their progress before they come to a hard decision. As they perform the evaluation, they can look for three particular things that will surely indicate that the therapy is succeeding admirably.

Decrease in Irritability

When the lessons that are being taught in therapy have sunk deep into the brain, men and women will notice that they are less irritable during the day. In fact, therapy teaches individuals how to better handle stress in their everyday lives. If their current employment situation requires them to work long hours in a stressful environment, then they will likely be on edge from time to time. By learning some effective coping techniques, they can cut down on the anger issues that may be spilling over into other areas of their lives.

When therapy is truly helping people control their anger, they will also find themselves better able to enjoy the activities that they had previously given up on. They might, for example, enjoy a pleasant round of miniature golf with their young children on the weekend instead of sulking in the corner.

Improved Goal Setting

Effective therapy will also help people more readily plan for the future. If their lives were previously spinning out of control, individuals may not have given any thought to setting goals. Therapists can help men and women develop a game plan for the future. By working to get their finances in order, people can slowly begin to save for retirement. They might even have enough money from time to time to take an extended vacation.

When setting goals, clients can also learn to be at peace with themselves and to accept that there are some things in life that simply cannot be controlled. By accepting some of these eventualities with an open heart, they will be able to remain positive and optimistic as they continue to seek out new experiences with friends and family members.

Renewed Romantic Relationships

Men and women will also realize that their therapy is working if they begin to develop a more nuanced understanding of their romantic partners. In fact, individuals who have committed an act of infidelity will probably be seeing a counselor specifically to work on this aspect of the relationship. When they begin to recognize how they have hurt their partners, they will have reached a new emotional maturity. With luck, they can use this maturity to win back the trust of their significant others.

If couples are attending therapy together, they can expect improvement in one critical area. Instead of turning every disagreement into a loud argument, they can instead seek common ground. When they find themselves open to compromise, they should be able to rekindle the relationship as they go forward. They might even head off on a short weekend trip together for some spur-of-the-moment romance.

In the end, therapy is an excellent choice for individuals and couples who feel that they have hit a dead-end in life. Through careful analysis of their actions, they can regain their mojo and go on to great things. If they feel ever more content with their existence, then the counseling sessions themselves will surely be paying dividends.