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How Does Essential Oil Therapy Work?



Essential oil therapy, also called aromatherapy, is the use of natural and pure essential oils that are extracted from aromatic plants and used to help us live a balanced and healthy lifestyle. These essential oils come from herbs, flowers, leaves, fruits, and resins through a process known as steam distillation. Each unique essence has its own aroma and special characteristics.

Sense of Smell

It is said that our sense of smell is probably the most powerful sense that we possess. The average person can distinguish about 10,000 different scents. When we inhale scents, the aroma drifts inside the nose and across the olfactory nerve and goes directly into the brain to the limbic system. This is where our memories, moods, and learning abilities are controlled. When stimulated, the limbic system releases endorphins and feel-good chemicals into our bodies.

Vaporization and Baths

When essential oils are vaporized, they create all kinds of moods and give our home a fresh aroma. Light bulb rings, aroma stone vaporizers, and oil burners are great ways to vaporize essential oils. By adding a few drops of essential oils to your bath, you will find yet another enjoyable way to reap the benefits of aromatherapy. Depending on the type of oil you choose, you can create an energizing bath or a relaxing bath that helps you rest better.


One of the most popular ways of using essential oils is for massage. Massage helps the oils absorb directly into the skin and maximizes the power of the massage to heal the body. By simply diluting some drops of your favorite scented essential oil with a carrier oil, your massage can have a calming or energizing effect depending on the type of oil you choose to use. Even though essential oil therapy won’t cure any illnesses, it is effective for alleviating minor joint pain and body aches, relaxing muscles, and relieving the symptoms of menstrual cramps. Essential oil therapy is also good for relieving tension headaches, clearing up congestion, and lowering blood pressure. It is also very good for improving a person’s sleep.

Alternative Treatment

Essential oil therapy is a fantastic, natural alternative to other options for treatment such as caffeine and prescription medications. When used properly, there are rarely any side effects, and those that do emerge are due to someone’s specific sensitivity to some ingredients. Most people know ahead of time what might trigger an allergic reaction or sensitivity; therefore, they tend to avoid products that might contain those specific ingredients.

Reputable Oil Company

In the United States, because the essential oil industry isn’t regulated very well, a product might be labeled a natural essential oil and have an artificial ingredient. Consequently, if you want the maximum benefit of essential oils, you should only buy them from a reputable essential oil company that guarantees the purity of its oils and top quality products.

If you haven’t experienced the world of the essential oil therapy, it’s definitely something you should try to experiment with. You will surely find a few essential oil scents that you will fall in love with.