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How to Make it Through the Holidays in One Piece



The holidays are here, which means more family time and often more stress. Why does our family stress us out so much? There are many reasons, sometimes we don’t see them often throughout the year but when we see them during the holiday season, issues and problems come up, often things that we haven’t addressed. If you feel anxious and stressed out around your family these tips can help you feel better.

Avoid Overeating

Don’t reach for the cookies or eggnog quite yet. Instead, simply be present with your emotions and drop the gingerbread man now. Emotional eating is not going to help anything. It will make you feel bloated, mad, and guilty. Instead, reach for the water and simply drink up.

Drink More Water

Water is good for your teeth and your overall health because it can remove food particles that prevent cavities. It also keeps your body hydrated and can help detox it.

Don’t Take Anything Personal

Know that it not about you when you see your family they may bring up issues or make comments but know that it’s not about you. They are speaking from their own perspective, or perhaps just make a comment based on their own reality let go of the outcome.

Make Healthy choices

Stress builds on more stress. Don’t continue to avoid looking at the issues and don’t let the stress keep you from taking care of yourself. Take care of yourself, simply avoid feeling stressed out by taking care of yourself more. Brush your teeth daily. Make sure you stay up-to-date on your appointments, such as visiting the dentist and doctor. If you are current it will give your family less to worry about.

Get Sugar-free Gum

Get into the habit of chewing gum. It can help you, especially in those troubled times with family if they make a comment, just pop a piece of gum in your mouth and chew away. Chewing sugar-free gum can help improve your overall health and decrease cavities. Above everything else have a happy holiday season and don’t take anything too seriously.