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3 Reasons that Prove a Trip to the Gym isn’t Necessary



3 Reasons that Prove a Trip to the Gym isn’t Necessary

Going to the gym is not the most fun in the world that is pretty obvious. But still, people go there in their droves. Why should exercise suck? If you enjoy it (or at least don’t hate it) you are far more likely to get all the results you want. Below are three ways you should scrap the gym and get fit and healthy in a way that you actually enjoy.

Take Up a Sport

One of the best ways that anyone can get fit is by doing sport strenuous physical exercise a few times a week will do everyone a power of good. You will be burning calories, building muscle, and having fun all at the same time!

It isn’t like PE was at school where there were three sports that you played all year every year; no, this time you get to pick. The options are endless badminton, football, and squash to the less traditional options like laser quest, skiing, and water polo. Whatever floats your boat is an option as long as it gets you active and you enjoy it.

Go Old School

Back in the day before a gym on every street how did people build muscle? Before protein powders and thousands of fitness blogs people still managed to be fit and healthy, how did they do it I hear you ask? Well, they did it by going about their daily lives they lifted the stuff that needed lifting, walked where they had to go, and ate what they could afford.

So instead of paying the expensive gym fees and spending your time cramped into a small hot room full of other people why not try squatting with that old bike in the garage? Or doing pull-ups on the door frame, using paint cans as kettlebells; the list goes on and on. All it takes is a little imagination and you’ll be building the muscles how you are most likely to need them. A great for this concept is Mark’s Daily Apple.

Home Gym

Working out in a place full of strangers can be daunting and uncomfortable at the best of times which can end up negatively affecting your workout. Not only can you end up rushing your workout in order to leave quickly but the costs of a gym membership are huge some costing £40 a month!

The answer is more obvious than you think; instead of trekking to the gym three times a week to exercise in a close and awkward room full of strangers and then to pay for the privilege! You could always spend the equivalent of two months gym membership for your own exercise equipment to make a basic but perfectly functional gym at home. No more queuing for machines, uncomfortable moments in the changing rooms, or people telling you how to do things. You can exercise how you want, for free and when it is most convenient for you. What else could you want?