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Tips in Finding a Qualified California Bunion Surgeon



When you will undergo bunion surgery, this entails a serious and stressful decision. You need to make the right judgment as a bunion is a painful problem of your toes which affects your daily activities. You have to ensure you get a qualified California bunion surgeon who can take away the pain and the bunion so that you would be able to enjoy the usual things you do every day.  Here are tips to get the right surgeon for your bunion problems.

There are many foot doctors in California who can successfully do the bunion surgery. Know which of these doctors have the right qualifications from those who are dubious so that you would achieve the outcome desired which is no more bunions, going back to your daily routine, and enjoying life.

Get the foot surgeon who has the most number of hours of training in foot surgery. He must have gone through a thorough board qualification testing recognized by the ABPS or American Board of Podiatric Surgery. This is evidence that he is surgically competent and skilled and is accepted by hospital committees giving out surgical privileges.

The California bunion surgeon you choose must have no less than 3 years of residency in foot and ankle surgery after finishing medical school. If he has more training, this means he has more experience with current and different types of surgical techniques. He must have training in medical research, especially in the kind of bunion you have so that he would be interested in looking for ways to properly execute the surgery.

The bunion surgeon you choose should preferably be awarded in this field of surgery. There is less than one percent of all kinds of surgeons who have been awarded for progressing in their specialization. If your surgeon has been awarded, it means you have the best. You can check the website of your surgeon so as to know if he has gained an award or check through a search engine the bunion surgeons who have been awarded in California. Check out the name of your preferred surgeon at Google and if he is of authority, you will receive many hits.

Look for a surgeon who can determine in a creative way fresh solutions to surgical problems. Find one who has shown ground-breaking thinking like patenting a surgical method or tool so as to enhance the result of the operation.