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The Effects Of Child Abuse And Neglect To Health



The tendency to commit crimes develops in stages linked to many factors associated with growth development as a child until he gets older. The more violent a criminal adult maybe, the severe these factors are. When a child does not receive the affection, love, and dedication from his parents or guardians, but receives abuse and neglect instead, he becomes frustrated, health is affected and his capacity to become a responsible, considerate and rational individual is unstable. Some criminals find themselves in and out of prison perhaps due to bailable crimes, but continue to find themselves locked into a world of crime and unhealthy lifestyle.

Factors That Play A Role In Development Leading To Criminal Behavior

Clearly, providing criminals with another shot at life with the help of the legal system and bail bonds are not sufficient to assist them in becoming better people. Instead, a thorough understanding of their personality and background must be applied and professional help sought with their cooperation if they truly wish to lead better lives after being imprisoned. Though this opportunity may vary, it is an option for many, as their criminal behavior had been solely developed by child abuse and neglect, which may or may not have long term consequences. Outcomes will always vary and are dependent on the factors involved in their development.

These factors include:

  1. The type of abuse received such as sexual abuse, physical abuse, and neglect.
  2. The relationship between the child and abuser, such as his mother, father, grandparents, and siblings.
  3. The child’s age and development stage when the abuse and neglect initially occurred and led up to.
  4. The duration, severity, and frequency of the type of abuse inflicted.

Mental Health

Those who have experienced child abuse and neglect suffer poor mental health which can have long term consequences, but this can always be treated with the proper approach, support, and professional help. Complications in mental capabilities are seen in children as young as three years of age when they show depression and withdrawal symptoms. As they grow older they suffer other conditions such as panic disorder, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, dissociative disorder, and stress disorder. Many tend to become antisocial, have borderline personality disorders, and display violent behavior.

Physical Health

Children are easy victims of abuse and neglect as they can be easily handled and dominated by older people. A simple physical injury to a child of a young age can result in brain injuries that remain undetected until they reach adulthood which affects their ability to cope and reason out. Impaired development in these children can lead to household dysfunction and physical ailments which affect their capabilities to think clearly before they speak or act.

Behavioral Health

Combining the consequences of neglect and abuse in physical and mental health, criminal adults develop poor behavioral health. Through their growing years, they will have experienced delinquency, teen pregnancy, poor academics, and drug use. They probably would have already been arrested several times as a juvenile too, which can then lead to violent and criminal behavior as an adult. In many cases, when an individual who had suffered from neglect and abuse as a child, has been arrested and released through bail for his first crime, He may still have a chance of changing his path with proper help. Naturally, this will still be dependent on the type of crime committed and the severity of his behavior as a criminal.

Child abuse and neglect have become common especially in communities where respect, love, and care are not valued. Parents who commit such abuse and neglect are often victims of abuse and neglect themselves. Nevertheless, as this affects our society today, it is essential that every single opportunity to treat it is exhausted. Though we may not be able to eradicate crimes completely, it is still worth the effort to try to reduce and prevent them.