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Are You An Aquaholic



According to the gossip magazines in the United Kingdom, Nigella Lawson is a self-confessed Aquaholic. An Aquaholic is a person who is addicted to water and consumes far more than the average daily recommended amount.

But, surely the more water you drink the better? Is the world not continuously telling us to put the coco-cola can down and turn to the tap to promote healthy drinking habits? So let us discuss the facts about drinking water and what the right amount of water is for you.

How Much Water Do We Need?

The human body consists of seventy-two percent water, or forty-five kilograms for the average seventy-kilogram male, and a bit less for an average woman. Contrary to popular belief we do not lose all this water on a daily basis and therefore, do not need to drink ourselves, literally, to death.

Except for physical conditions where the water balance is impaired, such as heart failure and kidney malfunction, the average adult needs between 2 500 and 3 000 milliliters to stay healthy and prevent dehydration. This translates to between ten to twelve glasses a day, not the eight a day that has been drilled into our heads.

So Why Do We Need So Much?

Here are some interesting facts on the water that will help you realize why you need to drink the correct amount of water:

Number One – depression and fatigue are often a sign of dehydration, so next time you are feeling tired or blue, pick up a glass before you reach for a pill.

Number Two – The best way to rid your body of excess water retention is to drink more water. The reason this works is that your body holds on to water when it is dehydrated, leading to weight gain and bloating.

Number Three – Water increases your metabolism. In fact, water is the best source of breaking down fats in your body, so supplement your workouts with water and watch the fat melt away – remember to adhere to the correct eating plan, otherwise, this will render your hard work in the gym worthless.

Number Four – A two percent reduction of water levels in your body can lead to a twenty percent decrease in your mental and physical performance. So if you are cramming for exams, preparing for a meeting or simply trying to stay away after a long day at work. Therefore, crack open the water bottles and rejuvenate your body.

In conclusion, the trick to water is drinking enough to stay hydrated, but not too much as this will damage your liver and kidneys. Remember to keep your water coolers nearby and ensure that you keep drinking.