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5 Ways to Keep a Happy Husband




Marriage is a full-time job and keeping a husband satisfied, content, and not a cheating partner can take time and effort. Having said that, here are just five simple ways to make a start;

1. It’s Good to Talk. A couple that can easily communicate and feels secure in the knowledge that they seem interesting no matter what the subject is usually a happy one. It was probably what brought them together in the first place. When he talks, listen to him no matter how bored you are! To share a story or experience and laugh together is a great feeling and one that should be kept alive. How often do you see couples sitting in silence in a restaurant? How often have you looked at them and thought thank heavens that’s not me! Well, it doesn’t have to be you. Just make sure you find new subjects or find new experiences to keep your time together interesting.

2. Spontaneity. What started out as that very exciting time when you were dating has, as in most relationships, been replaced by familiarity and routine and that same daily routine can become boring. Spontaneity is what is needed. To keep infidelity at bay arrange to spend some quality time together. A weekend away or a romantic dinner, be it in a restaurant or at home. Something to look forward to is a great feeling.

3. Appreciation. Men like to be appreciated. It is a rare occasion when a man will make a selfless gesture and expect nothing in return. It can work in your favor to thank him for even the smallest of those gestures. If he cooks the dinner or washes the dishes make sure you tell him how happy you are. Treat him with respect and appreciate the time that you do get to spend together. Tell him how much you love him. People never get tired of hearing how much they are loved.

4. Night Night. If at all possible always go to bed at the same time. That last kiss and cuddle is very important and can leave you feeling loved and contented and then there is of course that age-old warning! Never go to sleep on an argument. Equally important is to never get boring in bed. That is a sure way to send your husband into the arms of a more eager companion! If you are happy and that spark is still there then keep it alive. Try new positions, new times, new places but most of all don’t give up. In time the lust will be replaced by something much deeper but until that time, there’s no harm in trying all things new!

5. Can’t be Bothered It was probably love at first sight when your husband first saw you. The way you dressed or wore your make up were big factors on how attractive he found you. A big problem in married life then can be the ability to let this slip Comfort replaces the need to appeal. Dress down day is fine so long as it does not become the norm. If you can’t be bothered then why should he? Don’t lose him to a younger version of you, show him why he is with you by keeping some of the things the first attracted him about you the same and he will not be tempted to commit adultery,.

Of course, if any of these situations are proving more difficult than normal to achieve that level of happiness, then maybe there is an underlying problem.