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How to be Fashionable in Uniform



No doubt, at some stage in your life past present or future you will be required to wear a uniform be it for your own safety or for employee regulations. Thing is, unless you have an angelic employer who has picked out the most desirable, stylish uniform going, nobody likes to wear one. It is usually in a dodgy color, is itchy and it never seems to suit anyone. One of the main things is the fact it strips an employee of their individuality as your own clothes and fashion choices say a lot about you, it is a great way to express yourself.

Play with your hair.

If you can’t play with your uniform, why not try playing around with your hair? There are so many ways you can pull off your individuality with your hair and, as it happens to be one of the main features on a show out of a uniform you should make the most of it! Of course, most of us wear a uniform for protective reasons if we get something down our clothes or to protect us from harmful chemicals. You may also have rules and regulations as to what you can do with your hair.

To be safe, there is a wide range of options you can do to your hair if you have it up. Braids are a massive trend right now, be them big, small, fishtail, or pigtails they are rocking the streets in the street style as well as the catwalk. Other options are wearing an on-trend Alice band, putting your hair up in a bun with a decorative hair tie, putting in floral-inspired hair slides to keep your hair out of your face – the possibilities are endless!


Wearing jewelry can make you feel a lot more like “you” while you are working in a uniform which is so unlike you. However, often in jobs such as restaurant work where you are required to work with catering equipment or working with hygiene, you may have regulations about what you are allowed to wear jewelry wise. These sorts of careers do not allow you to have much or any jewelry and you may feel limited about what you can do to accessorize.

Many uniforms require belts, perhaps you could use your own belt which shows off your personality? Think about what guidelines they have given you in terms of footwear. The usual standard is plain black comfortable shoes if you are required to be on your feet all day, and thankfully there are many styles of these types of shoes out there!

Edit your uniform.

You may well find that the uniform supplies your company gives you is ill-fitting as they are made to fit everybody. As everybody is a different shape it may not be the most flattering on you. Women often find this particularly so. If you are not the curviest of girls you may find you have extra space in your trousers around the hip area. Equally, there may not be enough room in the blouse for bustier women and they may end up having to go several sizes bigger just to accompany them. This might make you feel larger than you actually are as you may be left with a huge baggy shirt around the rest of your figure making you feel frumpy and not too good about yourself.

You may have to wear a uniform to follow employee regulations, but you don’t have to feel as if you are stripped from your individuality. I hope this article has shown you how you can still bring out your stylish personality even when wearing the frumpiest of uniforms.