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Top 5 Winter Eye Care Products



The winter months can be tough on our skin and particularly the delicate eye area. When faced with cold weather and powerful central heating, our eyes can become dry, irritated, and worn out. And what’s more, with the festive season approaching we need to rely on our make up to hide a multitude of sins.

These top products utilize patented formulas to tighten, moisturize, conceal, and complement your eyes to help get you through the winter seasons with ease.

1.    Garnier Caffeine Roll-on

For late nights celebrating Christmas and New Year, it’s important to ensure you can appear fresh and revived the following day… despite how you may feel. Tiredness is one of the main causes of dark under-eye bags but by applying the Garnier Caffeine Roll-on in the morning, you can shrink any unpleasant signs of a hangover. The inclusion of caffeine in the formula is designed to both soothe and minimize these dark bags. Caffeine has anti-inflammatory properties which help to shrink the eye bag and the cool rollerball provides a soothing effect- just what you need. It is now also available as a concealer which releases a small amount of liquid to cover the dark circles beneath the eye. As a Christmas pick-me-up, this is the perfect purchase.

2.    Optex Dry Eye Drops

The combination of dry central heating and bitter outdoor winds can leave eyes struggling to maintain the moisture they need to function comfortably. Optex Dry Eye Drops are specifically formulated to instantly rehydrate and refresh dry or irritated eyes. Just a couple of drops of this fluid will instantly lubricate the eye to support your eye’s tear production. When eyes become dry, they can be sore and irritated, meaning it is important to retain the moisture they lose in winter weather.

3.    Clinique Repairwear Intensive Eye Cream

When it comes to moisturizing the entire eye area, it is never more important than during the winter months. Skin can struggle to remain firm and healthy-looking when faced with cold weather and indoor heating. The best way to tackle this is to regularly apply a rich moisturizer such as Clinique Repairwear Intensive Eye Cream. Pat the rich cream on the entire eye area in the morning and evening after cleansing. The luxurious texture is quickly absorbed and provides day-long soft, supple skin with a healthy glow.

4.    Yves Saint-Laurent Touche Eclat

If you feel your skin needs a brightening touch to boost tired-looking eyes, Yves Saint-Laurent Touche Eclat is the bestselling product to solve your problems. The brush applicator releases a trail of golden fluid to highlight, brighten, and boost your skin and eyes. It can be applied beneath the eye, to the inner corners and even on the cheekbones to help define and illuminate your skin. This is an essential buy for those wanting a golden party glow or simply for those wanting to awaken tired-looking skin.

5.    Max Factor Eye Brightening Mascara

When it comes to make-up, it’s easy to just apply a quick dash of mascara and slick of the liner to get us through the wintry days. However, it’s now possible to choose a mascara to highlight and brighten dull-looking eyes. By swapping your ordinary mascara to the Max Factor Eye Brightening Mascara, you can choose a tonal shade to complement your natural eye color. The formula contains light-reflective particles for a brightening effect and stunning color beads to draw attention to your enriched eye color. In addition, the volume-boosting qualities of this mascara provide up to 300% more volume to help you appear wide awake and beautiful.

It may be worth adding these to your Christmas list for Santa and you’ll have beautiful, healthy eyes in no time.