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How to Relieve the Stress When Moving



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Unlike in the old-time, nowadays moving is part of living. It is not unlikely for people to move at least once in their lifetime. The reasons are individual to everyone but one thing is for sure – relocation is a stressful thing. This is your whole-life belongings we’re talking about. How can you stay calm in such a situation? It’s even worse when you’re moving out of town fearing that the relationships you’ve built for years will start to fade away. Don’t focus on the negative, transform your stress into making your moving experience a more pleasant one. Basically, put a positive spin on the removal and be prepared. How?

Give Yourself Time

Give yourself time in order to come up with a plan. Always have a plan, not just when relocating. Everything goes better when it’s planned properly and ahead of time. This way, you’ll relieve the stress of moving by being prepared for what might happen. Lack of time and having to hurry might make you anxious, leaving you with the feeling that you won’t be able to finish on time. The earlier start drawing up a moving plan, the better.

Stay Organized

This point is a kind of connection with the previous one. Being organized and having a plan can get you through the removal process without you being constantly worrisome that something may go wrong. There are no guarantees, but predicting a situation before it happens and finding ways to overcome it is what good organization and proper planning can help you with. Making lists and step-by-step guides are what will be useful in the future. Just cross out what you’ve already taken care of and move to the next task.


Prior to the actual moving, consider de-cluttering. This will also help relieve the stress of the removal because when the time comes, you’ll have less stuff to worry about. Go through every room in the house and put the things you won’t take with you aside. Those you can later donate, recycle or sell. Now that you have this done, when the actual moving comes the amount of stuff you have to pack will be substantially lowered.

The More, the Better

Invite some friends over to help you with the packing process. This way everything will go faster and jollier. Having someone to chat with can make a difference. But make sure not to leave packing for the last moment. Of course, you won’t pack all day long without having a break, so when you get tired, you can cook something and spend quality time together before you move away. This can also serve as a deserved rest, a kind of distraction from the packing.

Farewell to the Old Life

Say goodbye to all the people and places you care for. Remember that moving isn’t necessarily a negative thing. It has many positive aspects as well, and this is what you have to focus on. Thinking more about the future and the favorable opportunities it offers should be the emphasis of your life now. You’ll still be in touch with friends and family; you just won’t see them that often. And when you do meet after some time, it will be more special.

In conclusion, every situation has two sides: a negative and a positive one. What you should do is pay more attention to the latter.